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featured by UPDATE-23-BERLIN : Doors open today! UPDATE-23-BERLIN ! We’ll see you on Thursday, 25 May, at Telegraphenamt, Berlin Mitte

It’s time : Exhibitors from around the world are on their way to Berlin. From South Africa and Los Angeles, from Mexico and Stockholm, from Warsaw and Paris, from London and Vienna, … Suitcases are being packed everywhere, artwork is being loaded onto computers, giveaways tucked away. We know what we’re talking about – we’re doing the same. The excitement is growing, the anticipation is great.

A little reminder : online registration closes on Tuesday. If you decide to come at the spur of the moment and your business card says AD, CD, client or marketing, art producing or art buying on it – then you can stop by our UPDATE spontaneously.

Awaiting creative visitors are a good 60 agencies. We hope to see you all in Berlin.

UPDATE . 25 May, 2023 . Hotel Telegraphenamt . Doors open at 12 noon . UPDATE.Salon
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21 SUN PRODUCTIONS and the beloved Brazilian fashion label FARM RIO whisk you away to Fernando de Noronha, the Brazilian archipelago in the Atlantic, among other destinations…

Founded in 1997, FARM RIO is today among the most beloved clothing and lifestyle brands in Brazil. The story began at a local fashion market in Rio by the name of Babilonia Feira Hype where the founders Katia Barros and Marcello Bastos took the risk of launching their fashion line literally ‘onto the market’ – a line embodying the feminine spirit and vibrant colors of Rio from the very beginning. Brazilians quickly fell in love with the brand, the booth became a store and soon grew into more … Today, FARM is one of Brazil’s most recognized brands.

“We are a group of creatives from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who believe in the existence of happiness. More than a brand, we have been creating enlightened cultural movements since 1997. Based in good energies and beautiful frequencies: We believe that solar rays enlighten the soul. We believe in all colors and shapes that nature brings to our eyes, to our feelings. We believe in local culture, and we keep it alive.” FARM RIO.

For the production presented here and thanks to the support of 21 SUN PROD, FARM RIO took it to the picturesque archipelago Fernando de Noronha – consisting of 21 islands with a total area of 26 km². The main island, with the same name as the archipelago, is also the largest, spanning an area of 17 km², and the only one that is inhabited. The majority of the smaller islands as well as a total area of 8 km² on the main island have been under environmental protection since 1988 as the Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park.

FARM RIO merged in 2010 with the label Animale to create SOMA GRUPO, which has meanwhile added a variety of further brands to its portfolio.

21 Sun Productions, based in Rio de Janeiro, was founded in 2005 to provide American and European clients wishing to produce in Brazil and South America with top-notch support. In 2009, an office was opened in São Paulo.

GoSee : farmrio.comsomagrupo.com.br21sunproductions.com
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NEW : 21 SUN PRODUCTIONS, photo & film production company, and the largest location database in Brazil; with an impressive selection of magical landscapes, dreamlike beaches and luxurious architecture for international advertising and fashion clients

We are delighted to welcome 21 SUN PRODUCTIONS from Rio de Janeiro on GoSee. For fifteen years, they have provided their clients with extraordinary locations as well as high-end production services throughout Latin America with a main focus on Brazil. For personal support, which as we know makes all the difference, Producers Dudu Schmidt and Luciana Petrocchi are gladly at your service.

“In 2005, we began providing all logistical requirements for American and European clients wishing to produce catalogues, editorials and advertising campaigns in Brazil and South America. In 2009, an office in São Paulo was opened to focus primarily on the Brazilian market and to represent Brazilian and international photographers.

21 Sun can provide everything necessary to produce a successful campaign: catering, transport, props and set design, casting, lighting equipment and studios, makeup, styling and locations.” says Dudu Schmidt, CEO of 21 SUN PRODUCTIONS.


What can clients expect from you ? Luciana tells us : “Professionalism, inclusive crews, diverse talents, high-quality production at a reasonable price point, the biggest location portfolio in Brazil, and responsiveness to clients needs.”

21 Sun also has the largest location bank of Brazil on file : luxurious houses by famous architects, remote but amazing homes, apartments, clubs, public buildings, as well natural backdrops, from the Amazon region to deserts, roads, museums or even magical beaches with vast dunes and plenty of photogenic people.

21 SUN whets our appetite for remote destinations with their GoSee Portfolio – and looks forward to being at the side of fashion and advertising clients alike to help realize their international projects.

GoSee : 21sunproductions.com
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