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The racetrack as a fantastic place where the impossible comes true... Toby NEILAN c/o 2AGENTEN illustrates for the magazine of WELTWOCHE

A few rounds with the new Porsche GT3 on the Bilster Berg racing circuit near Paderborn, Germany – and the overwhelming feeling of morning fatigue gives way to the particular kind of mental stimulation that only the rush of velocity can give you. The column ‘Dream of a Race Car Driver’ by David Schnapp in Swiss WW was illustrated by Toby NEILAN c/o 2AGENTEN in his signature style.
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Home office in SLIDE MAG / HAWA and hotel rating in NZZ am Sonntag - both illustrated by Leandro ALZATE c/o 2AGENTEN

Born in Bilbao and today a Berlin resident, artist Leandro ALZATE c/o 2AGENTEN illustrated the 2021 hotel rating for NZZ am Sonntag with his marvelous illustrations : “I was commissioned to illustrate this special issue of Sunday magazine NZZ am Sonntag which contains the 2021 Hotel Guide. The creative challenge was to integrate my illustrations seamlessly into the photos. Here is the cover : in this year’s guide, there is an emphasis on the sustainability and green profile of hotels. I embedded my figures in these hotel shots, playing with the scales and the space. I really enjoyed this kind of photo-symbiotic illustration, and I am looking forward to doing more work like this in the future. Thanks again @studiosturzenegger for the opportunity and the fantastic AD.”

Leandro ALZATE c/o 2AGENTEN illustrated an editorial on the topic of ‘Home Office’ for SLIDE / HAWA. Slide magazine is targeted at architects and designers in a global circulation. The publication by HAWA, the global market and technology leader for sliding solutions on buildings, in buildings and on furniture, is designed to be emotionally touching, to stimulate thought and provide valuable professional impulses.

More by Leandro is available via 2AGENTEN.
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How social are you really? MEDIA BY NATURE SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN illustrated by Jeanne DETALLANTE c/o 2AGENTEN

MEDIA BY NATURE stands for greater collaboration on modern brand launches in the age of social media. The campaign for which was illustrated by Jeanne DETALLANTE c/o 2AGENTEN. Find more information here, and the portfolio by the illustrator is available via 2AGENTEN.
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