Donnie Dix – a tribute to the brashness of the 80s brought to you by NICCOLO MONTANARI

Shot in New York City, Donnie Dix is a tribute to the brashness of the 80s. Directed by Sascha Taylor Larsen and produced by Oliver Finley, it is a parody of the type of naive self-obsession which characterized this period in our cultural history. The main character, played by Eli Cusick, embodies the absurdity of an era filled with excess. He represents a particular type of machismo coupled with a total lack of personal accountability. In just over three minutes, Donnie Dix’s character arc unfolds as he moves from total self-assurance to an increasing self-awareness, then the self-doubt which ultimately paralyses him…

‘Days of Glory’ – TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION produces the ERL F/W ‘22 LOOKBOOK for jack of all trades Eli Russell Linnetz

The label ERL is the multimedia project of Eli Russell Linnetz and doesn’t make clothing in a conventional sense. Its creations are often untrendy, so steeped in vintage American looks that they elegantly come full circle right back to the zeitgeist.

Designer Eli Russell Linnetz is what one might refer to as a wunderkind, or child prodigy. ssense writes about him : “Linnetz’s resume is, certainly, incredible. He directed Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ and ‘Fade’ music videos (and sat in that meeting with President Trump). Designed the set

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