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news featured by GoSee EVENT ‘Abolish Section 219a’ – a plea for more freedom of information : Grey Germany joins forces with TERRE DES FEMMES, supported by achtung!; we have the long-overdue campaign ‘Abolish Section 219a’ for you on GoSee.NEWS

Section 219a of the German criminal code (StGB) literally prohibits “Advertising for the termination of pregnancy”. But the section is not only limited to advertising but also includes information of any kind. In concrete terms : Doctors are only permitted to publicly announce that they perform abortions. They are not, however, permitted to provide procedural information to the public. Otherwise, they make themselves liable to prosecution. If convicted, they face a prison sentence of up to two years or have to pay a fine.

For this reason, TERRE DES FEMMES has launched the campaign ‘Abolish Section 219a’ in order to make a significant contribution to education on abortion. The unambiguous goal : Section 219a has to be removed from the German criminal code.

“The freedom of women for us goes hand in hand with their freedom of choice with regard to terminating a pregnancy. With this campaign, we not only want Section 219a to be repealed, we also want all women to have access to competent...

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