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news featured by Klaus Arras KLAUS ARRAS photographs for a food special in BEEF! about lardo di Colonnata, bacon cured in a marble basin and one of the finest delicacies in Italy

For food magazine BEEF!, Cologne-based food photographer KLAUS ARRAS published a food spread on the topic of lardo di Colonnata in issue 3/2022.

Lardo is pork back fat which is cut into big pieces. The bacon seasoned with herbs then ripens over the course of months in marble basins filled with saltwater. This gives it its own very characteristic taste. It is cut into razor-thin slices or eaten as cream on bruschetta. This tradition of storing bacon in big basins of the world-famous white, porous marble was developed in the marble quarries in the Carrara region.

Klaus Arras references the process of ripening through the arrangement of each dish on varying marble surfaces. Hard light particularly accentuates the individual ingredients of the different recipes. The extremely innovative and creative recipes, such as clams & lardo with lemon dip, lardo surf & turf with endive mash, or nut risotto with lardo were developed by Katja Briol, who took care of foodstyling as in so many food...

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