featured by Lila Management : #BOSSxCaroDaur – EXCLUSIVE WOMENSWEAR CAPSULE COLLECTION ‘BOSS curated by Caro Daur’ photographed by Felix KRÜGER c/o LILA MANAGEMENT for BOSS and Donald Schneider Studio

Over the past few months, Caro Daur designed a capsule collection exclusively for BOSS which has been in stores since 1 October. “I have been working on this for over a year now and wanted to create pieces that fit into the busy and diverse lives us women lead. So I made sure the collection is versatile and timeless. All the fifteen pieces are elevated essentials to turn to again and again,” says the 25-year-old entrepreneur and content creator with 2.5 million fans on Instagram.

Creative direction was the responsibility of Donald Schneider Studio, the guarantee for international top brands and global productions. Also on set were Art Director Hannah Wild, stylist Marc Goehring, visagist Patrick Glatthaar, set designer Elena Mora, and Producer Walandi Apoussidis. GoSee member RETOUCHED STUDIOS took care of post.

Among the pieces of clothing and accessories are a trench coat, a little black dress with a low-cut back, a blazer and a knit wool cashmere beanie – photographed on Caro Daur in her own collection by Felix KRÜGER c/o LILA MANAGEMENT.

“Caro Daur is a brand in its own right,” says Chief Brand Officer Ingo Wilts about the collaboration in FAZ. And continues: “Campaigns don’t necessarily reach the younger target group,” which is why we will rely more on online marketing in the future.

Felix Krüger is a photographer for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and people. It was actually during his first career as a web designer that he discovered his love for photography. He advanced quickly by assisting well-known photographers throughout Europe. Felix Krüger’s pictures transmit his personality: bold, young, powerful, geometrical clear and modern. Felix Krüger lives in Hamburg.
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