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blog A Meeting of Minds: Jonathan Meese and Florian Reckert at the ADC Festival

On June 15, 2023, an exciting encounter took place at the Art Directors Club (ADC) Festival in Hamburg. Renowned artist Jonathan Meese crossed paths with visionary mockart and transformation artist Florian Reckert. Their meeting sparked a dynamic discussion about the role of transformation in art, leaving a lasting impression on both artists.

During their engaging conversation, Florian Reckert presented Jonathan Meese with his latest work, "Conversations with ChatGPT - Florian Reckert in Dialogue with OpenAI's Artificial Intelligence." The freshly printed book features insightful forewords by the AI philosopher Richard David Precht and ChatGPT. Unfortunately, due to the artists not having a pen at hand, the book had to be exchanged without dedication or signatures – a minor setback in an otherwise memorable encounter.

Both artists agreed that the creative industry seemed somewhat sluggish and fell short of embracing the event's motto, "Change the world with creativity!" They...

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