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featured by JULIA WALDMANN : ‘Invisibility’ – the spread by photographer Lena BURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN was on display at the Jung von Matt Gallery, Hamburg, and now here for you on GoSee.NEWS

For the exhibition of herspective entitled ‘Invisibility’ at the Jung von Matt Gallery, Lena BURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN conceived the series presented here. The works were accompanied by statements of the women regarding their history and experiences, which have shaped them for their lives – and have left hardly any traces on their appearance.

We quote Lena Burmann : “What does I N V I S I B L E mean for me? I immediately think of Harry Potter and his marvelous * I N V I S I B I L I T Y  C L O A K *. Many people dream of the super power of being able to become invisible. But what happens when we actually become invisible or parts of our personalities and history are invisible?"

Herspective is the name of a collective of female photographers who deal with the fact that still 85 percent of photography jobs from agencies go to men – and they earn an average of 31 percent more. JvM art buying invited to an exhibition themed upon ‘Making the invisible visible’ on 5 May at the JvM Gallery. On display were works by 26 photographers.

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