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About Julia Buruleva

The photographer and Creative Directrice based in Barcelona is specialized in concept, fashion and advertising photography as well as motion, and her projects take her around the globe. As a virtuoso, she seamlessly combines photography and art projects. Her playful approach to settings, objects, models, light and decoration create a surreal impression for the viewer. She masterfully navigates the disciplines of photography, performance and installation to stage photos with a psychedelic touch and an astonishing atmosphere full of beauty and mystery.

'I am a photographer and creative director, specializing in conceptual, fashion, and advertising photography and video. With a background in commercial photography, I am also a visual artist, deeply invested in personal art projects. My greatest strength lies in my ability to seamlessly combine these two worlds, bringing a unique and creative vision to my commercial shoots, resulting in visually striking and distinct imagery. In addition to photography, I have a passion for creating visual concepts for music videos and other video productions. Currently based in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, I am open to working on projects worldwide.'