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Katja & James: The Journey of a Rio Tinto Diamond
A commitment to responsible sourcing is at the heart of RIO TINTO’s Chain of Custody process. As guardians of the integrity of their prized mines, Rio Tinto’s principled approach to sourcing, processing, and handling ensures that the origin of their diamonds is completely traceable from mine to consumer. We wrote and directed this film which tells the story of the diamond in reverse - from the finished piece, back to its origin deep within the Earth.

About Rio Tinto Diamonds. Rio Tinto operates a fully integrated global diamond exploration, mining and sales and marketing business, with a strong and trusted profile in both established and developing markets. Rio Tinto’s diamonds business comprises some 2,000 people around the world. As one of the world’s largest producers of rough diamonds, we are committed to providing a reliable supply of white and coloured diamonds that are mined to the highest possible health, safety and environmental standards. Our business model is based on strategic partnerships and we work with all aspects of the supply chain, from mine to market, to develop markets for our products. Like other Rio Tinto companies, we are strongly committed to improving the long-term future for the diverse communities in which our mines operate. © // 1 file show complete blog
MOVIE // Katja & James for Rio Tinto Diamonds