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news featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP Janine GRAUBAUM C/O BOSCHTOBANRAP photographs for PORSCHE

Photographer Janine GRAUBAUM c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP teamed up with Grabarz&Partner and production company Add Pictures to create the elegant spread presented here – with a Porsche and lady in red in the lead roles. Model Claudia Graf was styled for it by Rennie Diethelm, with hair & makeup artist Sarah Gmür at her side.

“The spread not only showcases the elegance of the car, it also inspires viewers thanks to Janine Graubaum’s exquisite style and skillful interplay of color and light. For an absolutely classic, yet still very modern look.” BOSCHtoBANRAP.

recom took care of post production, assisted by Martin Dziuba.

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