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news featured by Victor Jon Goico AUDI Brand2Sales campaign photographed by VICTOR JON GOICO with GYBOW for Scholz & Friends

For Scholz & Friends, VICTOR JON GOICO had the honor of realizing the first global campaign with his team for a European manufacturer using the GYBOW system. It was the first commercial shoot of this magnitude with this still very new system.

Together with Scholz & Friends, Victor convinced the clients of AUDI to use this prototype technology to create more than 40 motifs. Thanks to his experience in the studio, with CGI and technical support, Victor understood the system in no time and contributed his own ideas to the projects. This made it possible to create a clean look with reflections although a sphere was not always readily available.

Gybow is a revolutionary LED rig system that paints natural light and reflections from 360-degree HDRI environments onto vehicles or anything else.

Following minor difficulties in the beginning and burning a bit of midnight oil, the Gybow system from Hans-Peter and Arne ran smoothly. The entire project was on a pretty tight schedule. There were...

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