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NEW at GoSee : NZONDEMAND, bespoke New Zealand (and Australian) backplates for automotive CGI campaigns; dreamlike mountain roads, landscapes, architecture and cityscapes in pixel-perfect resolution and color depth for advertising, automotive industry and CGI

“Drive your creative vision without even leaving your desk. Discover the raw drama and wonder of New Zealand (and Australia).” That’s the slogan of the new backplate agency and GoSee NEW entry NZONDEMAND – short for New Zealand on demand – which was founded by internationally successful car photographer STEPHAN ROMER. Stephan has been living in New Zealand for several years where he photographs global campaigns on location for brands and automotive companies.

Breathtaking landscapes, memorable streets and thrilling architecture for advertising and the automotive industry are used to visualize products or, in marketing, as backgrounds for isolated objects. The high-res backplates are used in CGI projects where they provide a realistic background for 3D video animations. The backplates are also used in large format poster ads and at trade fairs. And original landscapes, cityscapes and unusual perspectives can, of course, also be used for editorial purposes.

“International multiple award-winning photographer Stephan Romer can take you to some of the most beautiful remote locations in the world at the push of a button. Seamlessly capture the breathtaking natural beauty of native New Zealand’s awe-inspiring landscapes and endless rolling highways in pixel-perfect IQ4 resolution at 150 MP without even leaving your office desk.

Get the look you want without compromise. You and your post-production crew can direct a shoot remotely over the Internet with a connection to our live view capture screen, sharing technology that puts you front and center in real time to get the shots you want – first time, every time.

Location, location, location. Now you’ve nailed the campaign brief, all you need is that perfect road in a beautiful landscape to integrate the car. No problem, within hours we can be in a mountain range, on a desert highway or coasting along the most dramatic volcanic coastlines you can imagine. All you have to do is pick one.”
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Drive your creative vision without even leaving your desk. NZONDEMAND - the backplate specialists from New Zealand and Australia - with workflows for Taycan Tequipment, Porsche Boxster, Porsche Cayenne E3 and 911 Targa on GoSee

Immaculate backgrounds in high-res of impressive coastal streets, mountain passes, green meadows or desert landscapes are all offered by NZONDEMAND, the specialist for imagery Made In New Zealand/Australia. The transportation specialists present new projects here on GoSee.

Their backplates were used for the 911 Targa, Porsche Cayenne E3 and the Porsche Boxster (CGI and post production by Circle Media London). Taycan Tequipment was also thrilled by the backplates from NZONDEMAND, and Dock2Studios Hamburg integrated the cars into the image afterwards via CGI and post production.

“And this is how it works: You come up with a campaign, an ad, simply something that requires a nice road in a beautiful landscape to integrate a car. We will send you a few ideas where to shoot the backplates. If you are happy with our suggestions, all we have to do is agree on a budget. Private roads around the corner are obviously a lot more affordable than blocking one of the main highways. As soon as we’ve got that part out of the way, we will provide you with proper scouting. When you and your client agree on certain locations, we will watch the weather a bit and plan for the main shoot to fit into everybody’s busy lives.

You have your favorite post production company you usually work with? If not, we are happy to recommend a few. On the day(s) of the shoot, you will have to set your alarm quite early if you want to be part of the action. The post production company will set up a shared screen with the live view of the capture session on set. If your client has provided the data of the featured car already, we can put a first greyshade or pre-rendering in the backplates which were just shot. We are happy to move the camera as often as needed until everyone is satisfied with the perspective of the hero car. The high-res files and the matching sphere will be sent to the post production company as soon as we are back in the office. Too easy!” says NZONDEMAND.

And following these wonderful words, we have the artwork for you. Several projects await you here on GoSee, and more is available via NZONDEMAND.
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