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news featured by Sébastien Staub New is normal – transportation specialist SÉBASTIEN STAUB photographs the models Audi Q5, Q5e, Q5s in Cape Town for the agency PUK and AUDI

More than an SUV – the Audi Q5 combines a sporty character with excellent everyday usability. Transportation photographer SÉBASTIAN STAUB staged the models Audi Q5, Q5e, Q5s for the agency PUK, aka Philipp und Keuntje, in Cape Town. Art Directors were Sue Boese and Annelie Kuipers, and art buying was in the hands of Karen Schwarzer. The prices for the Q5, which is available in three trim levels – series, sport and design – as well as the SQ5, range from € 39,500 for the front-wheel-drive, entry-level TDI to € 64,900 for the SQ5 3.0 TFSI.

Dominik Philipp and Hartwig Keuntje founded the agency PUK in 1999 with twelve employees. Today, they work on the topics advertising, content and digital with more than 200 employees and have been part of the Fischer-Appelt Group since 2019. CGI and post production of the motifs came from Trey, with production support from Cape Town Productions. GoSee : audi.de///de///q5 & sebastienstaub.com

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