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news featured by Kent & Co Productions Summer, Sun & Sports – KENT & CO PRODUCTIONS produces for ADIDAS CCM ‘23

If you want to communicate with your clients all year round, you require the perfect visual material for the purpose at all times. Which is why KENT & CO PRODUCTIONS produced on commission for the agency ABOUTKOKOMO together with photographers Florian Bison, CG Watkins and John Gribben (Studio).

What the brief called for were motifs from sports such as tennis, basketball, biking, soccer, swimming, running, … plus stills and various feel-good motifs to go with them.

ADIDAS stands for team spirit and respect as well as for integrity, and most importantly: having fun doing sports, an inclusive lifestyle and diversity – and that not only since 2022. Which is more important than ever to communicate today.

ABOUTKOKOMO, founded by Grit Mavie Scholz and Guy Maurer, refers to itself as a “Studio for creative concepts; spatial, content and experiential design & production with a sustainable approach. Based in Berlin, working globally.” The name of the agency, by the way, comes from the hotel in...

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