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news | featured by BANRAP GMBH : What I need is lasagne ! - The spot for the REWE VOICE APP campaign by Adrian T. KUBICA c/o BANRAP for REWE MARKT GmbH

The REWE Assistant – aka a cooking aid, shopping list and companion all in one! With the REWE Voice app, shopping and cooking is now supported digitally – 100%. Most hobby chefs have probably stood in front of a cookbook with dirty hands – now a thing of the past with the new REWE VOICE app.

For the versatile digital app from the renowned and popular Cologne-based business group REWE, Adrian T. KUBICA c/o BANRAP teamed up with the motion people from Vidture to film the latest campaign.

REWE: “With the REWE Voice app, you’re so much more quickly and easily closer to your new food supplies. Why? You can even add products to the shopping list or get informed about the latest offers. All you have to do now is shop at your REWE supermarket, REWE’s delivery service, the REWE pick-up service, or REWE parcel service.” GoSee:

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