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news Wednesday star Hunter Doohan in WONDERLAND magazine - photographed by Jon STARS c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT

“To me, I wanted people to feel like Tyler was possessed by the Hyde. He just reaches a point where the Hyde has mostly taken over and he is deeply under the spell of Laurel Gates, so he lets down the mask of being the nice guy. But when you take all of that away, Tyler is deeply troubled and angry — that’s why he’s so easy to manipulate.

I wouldn’t say he’s evil, he just carries so much hurt about his mum dying. Once he figures out that she was a Hyde and he can blame Nevermore and Wednesday for her death, it just becomes a lot easier for him to make that switch.” young actor Hunter Doohan tells WONDERLAND about his role in the successful series ‘Wednesday’ which made him famous overnight.

In the Netflix series, Hunter Doohan plays the equally sensitive and innerly torn Jericho Tyler Galpin. As a normie, Tyler doesn’t attend Nevermore Academy, but thanks to his job at the Weathervane cafe, he and Wednesday become friends. What happens next… Jon STARS c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT...

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