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Category  3D/CGI · Motion Design · Illustrator
Location  London
about // Thomas is a 3D illustrator with a style that he describes as 60/70’s National Geographic meets 80/90’s toy section of the Argos catalogue. Whether those references mean anything to you or not,...

Nick & Chloé

Category  Director · Advertising · Fashion
Location  Paris
about // Chloé started as an art director, working for brands such as Givenchy and S.T. Dupont with DDB in Paris. Nick launched a self taught photography career in London in 1996. Nick and Chloe’s’ Early...

Adrian & Gidi

Category  Advertising · Paper Art · Motion Design
Location  Amsterdam
about // Adrian & Gidi are true masters of the tactile. After graduating together from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, Adrian Woods and Gidi van Maarseveen joined their talents to form a...


Category  Animation · 3D/CGI · Motion Design
Location  Frankfurt
about // FOREAL® is a design studio specialized in crisp, high end cgi fused animation, illustration and art direction. It was founded by Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster in 2013 in Trier, Germany....


Category  3D/CGI · Animation · Motion Design
Location  Madrid
about // Founded by J. Vallejo, JVG™ is a Madrid based art direction and production studio focused on creative 3D/CGI. Their colourful and striking animations as well as lightning quick production times...

Kijek / Adamski

Category  Director · Animation · Set Design
Location  Warsaw
about // With multiple awards behind their belt, Kasia Kijek and Przemek Adamski are directors with vast experience in many techniques of filmmaking. Constantly evolving in search for the most adequate...