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featured by UPDATE SALON : UPDATE-23-BERLIN is delighted to announce a new visitor record and would like to thank more than 60 exhibitors, and especially the UPDATE AFTER-WORK sponsors, namely Severin Wendeler, Abelone Films, Big Shrimp, Peak Productions, Bubig, NeubauerSchwarz, Upfront and Rockenfeller & Göbels

We’ll make it short: The exhibitors, the location, the weather… it was simply perfect. It was particularly nice to see how UPDATE is also becoming more and more popular among art and creative directors as well as direct clients. We’re already looking forward to next year and have gathered a few example quotes for you. And before we forget: Huge thanks to the AFTER-WORK sponsors Severin Wendeler, Abelone Films, Big Shrimp, Peak Productions, Bubig, NeubauerSchwarz, Upfront and Rockenfeller & Göbels. We love teamwork!

“I wanted to thank you sincerely for the invitation to the GoSeeAwards, your warm welcome and the quality of the event. It is always a real pleasure to meet the agents and discover new talent.” Nathalie Maudet, Directrice Achat d’Art / Head of Art Buying, Publicis Conseil, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Marcel, Publicis Sapient.

“I would like to thank you very much once more for inviting me to Update. The event was really amazing, and I met so many new agencies. There were a lot of agents there that I have already worked with, and I was able to meet them in person through the event. I am already in contact with many of them regarding their work and our magazine planning. At events like this, I always realize that for me, there is only one job: Photo Editor. Photographers/videographers/agents/creatives are simply very special people.” Andrea Vollmer-Hess | Visual Editor, VOGUE Germany, Condé Nast Germany.

“We have many networking events in our hotel – but that everyone is busy networking intensively everywhere you look all day long, like now at UPDATE – that was quite new for all of us here at the hotel.” Laura Pohl, Event Sales Executive, Telegraphenamt.

“I would like to thank you so much again for the beautiful UPDATE last week! I had a lot of fun and would like to congratulate you on this truly amazing event!” Jennifer Parry, Director Creation, Print Production & Brand, MADELEINE Mode GmbH.

“I really, really liked the whole event. The location was excellent, the exhibitors were very diverse, and I found the entire atmosphere and all the conversations so inspiring.” Garnet Matthiesen, Creative Production | Leitung Art Buying, Grabarz & Partner.

“It was so nice to be there with you again. The location was really beautiful, and the resulting size of the trade fair, too. For me its not so much about discovering new talent but more about connecting and updating. For my Junior, it had everything. She found the mix of national and international exhibitors very good and quite inspiring,” Alice Feja Team Lead Art Production, ACCENTURE SONG.

“Thank you so much for the great trade fair!!! We have received mind-blowing feedback from the visitors. MEGA!!!!!!” Marco Hülsebus ARTISTSPOOL & Yilmaz Aktepe, Editor-in-Chief – Best Fashion / Member of the Editorship – Men’s Health / Fashion Director Men’s Health & Women’s Health.

“A colorful bouquet of inspiration, an amazing location and the best atmosphere among exhibitors and visitors. What I also thought was great, of course, were the two collectives. I found both concepts, the ‘political’ statement of Herspective and the Artistspool, very interesting. Looking forward to 2024.” Birgit Meinhof, Senior Art Buyer, CarlNann GmbH.

“A really good and beautiful location, which really does something for the mood and the atmosphere (almost the best location for Update since 2015, as far as I can say) – good placement and number of exhibitors. With regard to so many photographers attending, well, I’m not too sure… On one hand: It is really great to see everyone, have the opportunity to talk or get to know everyone in person! On the other: You have less time to look at portfolios and talk to agents/production companies etc. yourself. The day is really too short!” Juliane Siedler, Senior Art Buyer, Scholz & Friends.

“For me, the organization and scale of UPDATE were very appealing. I met a lot of people I know there and also made new contacts. The two halls were not too full, and you had time to look at the portfolios of the individual representations and get into a conversation with the attending photographers.” Christian Klein, Creative Lead Brand & Campaigns TERRITORY Integrated & Digital Creative Director.

‘The day was simply perfect! And our art directors were just as thrilled.” Karen Schwarzer, Head of Art Buying, Philipp und Keuntje.
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featured by GoSee VIP : ‘One scene alone doesn’t make a story’ – Andrea Vollmer-Hess, Photo Editor, Syndication Manager, Rights Manager at VOGUE Germany, in an interview on GoSee and as a GoSeeAWARDS Juror at UPDATE 23 Berlin

She has grown with the industry, and the industry has grown to certain extent through her. For more than 30 years, Andrea Vollmer-Hess has been the creative eye of VOGUE Germany: She is a photo editor, a syndication and rights manager as well as a producer. She has worked with the best photographers in the world and is also taking the time to spot new talent as a juror of the GoSeeAWARDS 23.

In an interview, she shares with us what makes a good photo and what urgent advise she would give newcomers. Want more? Then meet Andrea on 25 May at UPDATE in Berlin!

Andrea’s journey began at Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and has led her, following short stops along the way in the advertising industry, to publishing house Condé Nast. Still with Miss Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar in the beginning, she soon moved to the photo editor’s office and into the hallowed halls of German VOGUE where she is responsible for image research and art buying, the organization of national and international photo productions, finding topics and pitching ideas for new content as well as the company’s photo archive.

What are the ingredients to a good photo for you? For me, a good photo has to be iconic, unique. A photo is similar to a composition, a choreography; the big picture has to be right. I can look at a good photo again and again, and it inspires me every time just like the first. Photography changes just like society does. It never stands still. A good photo captures the beauty of a moment. I am lucky to be able to work with the best photographers in the world at Vogue and get to discover new talent all the time and even get to work with them. 

Which stages of your career have been the most educational? As a visual editor, I actually always learn something new. At Vogue, we produce globally, we share, view, discuss… in other words, we see new photos produced every day for all Vogue editions worldwide or we look for the best photos for different topics at photo agencies or in the Condé Nast archives. You also always learn from new art directors or chief editors, who bring their own individual style with them. As a society, we are in the midst of a great transition, which means that photography, our view of people, of our environment are also changing. As a photo editor, I have to have an eye for these changes, redefine the interpretation of beauty and make it palpable in images, or find photographers who can express our idea of beauty and strength.

What advise would you give new talent for their career? My advise to photographers is to move with the times, never stand still. Life is in constant transition, you learn something new every day. That inspires me. And that’s also the kind of inspiration the photos should reflect. I advise young photographers to always show their photo spreads at GoSees and not only individual motifs. It’s not about a single image; as producers or photo editors, we want to see if a photographer can photograph a story – that’s the only way to truly see their individual style.

A photo shoot is always like a theater production: One scene alone doesn’t make a story. Only when you have seen all scenes do you understand what it is all about. Only then do you see if a photographer can make a topic come to life in a photo spread. As a photographer, you should always be curious, continue to evolve, and you can only do so if you see a lot and are open to new things.

You can also learn quite a lot by assisting photographers for a while who have already made a name for themselves. You meet stylists, learn how to organize a shoot, what to pay attention to and how to fulfill the client’s requirements.

Andrea Vollmer-Hess grants us a glimpse at the May issue of VOGUE Germany here on GoSee – featuring Annie Leibovitz’ production with models Natalia Vodianova, Gigi Hadid and Naomi Campbell. The world-famous photographer is represented by LGA MANAGEMENT, who will be exhibiting at UPDATE once again with a booth.

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