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‘The Elected’ - ANKE LUCKMANN photographs a personal project for the short film of the same name shot by director Felipe Franco

In the sci-fi short film ‘The Elected’ by director Felipe Franco, the fictive company Orbital Corps attempts to monopolize agriculture by using its power and influence to ban it from Earth and use it exclusively to produce food in its facilities in outer space.

“Felipe and I have known each other for a long time – and have stayed close throughout the years. So when he filmed his short film now in Catalonia, I visited him on set. And, of course, brought a little photo story with Raul and a Tesla back with me.” photographer ANKE LUCKMANN tells us.

The plot thickens : Under the executive of charismatic CEO Joaquin (played by Raul Tortosa), the company employs economic power and other means to advance its cause. A despicable plan entails lobbying with the help of artificial intelligence and putting newly elected citizens under pressure in order to select the desired parliament.

“The film, shot in Spain, is set in the near future when politicians aren’t elected by the population but by an AI system that picks the appropriate representations of the population to serve in congress. Jose, a decadent down-to-earth winemaker is unexpectedly elected and finds himself torn between defending his family heritage and business or entering the corrupt world of politics to protect their future.” Director Felipe Franco.

The film plays against the backdrop of the beautiful municipality of Artés in Spain, located in the Province of Barcelona.

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featured by Gybow : ‘Rock the Mustang’ - The FORD MUSTANG staged in a glamorous light by GYBOW and ANKE LUCKMANN for you on GoSee.News

Photographer Anke Luckmann staged the Mustang as emotionally as a Mustang demands. And GYBOW enabled her to focus on nothing else than creating the photo.

The Gybow team realized their ideas by designing every lighting situation on-the-fly as a 360° dome and projected it onto the vehicle with Gybow.

Gybow is a revolutionary light LED rig system that paints natural light and reflections from 360° HDRI environments onto cars. And not only onto cars. Post production was in the hands of TREY.

GoSee : trey-studio.com & gybow.com & ankeluckmann.com

Photographer Anke Luckmann
Post Production TREY Digital Studio / Elisabeth Winter
AGENT/REP Kai Tietz Produktion GmbH, Kai Tietz
Studio Cinegate, Hamburg

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ANKE LUCKMANN stages a MUSTANG WITH BLACK STRIPES using Gybow Light Technik in a lively world of colors

Mustang – a horse living wild on the prairies of North America – but also simply an iconic ride that hardly any road movie has been able to due without since the 1960s. The Ford Mustang has been visually reinterpreted again and again for more than half a century. Which is why Anke Luckmann didn’t hesitate to bring the prairie to Hamburg.

With the support of GYBOW LIGHT TECHNIK, Anke staged stills seemingly in motion in a lively world of colors at Cinegate Studio. GoSee Member TREY was on set for support, and together with Max, Anke developed a cool look.

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