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News // 35 News by Anke Luckmann

Don’t forget about love! - ANKE LUCKMANN photographs the BMW 4 Gran Coupé 420i against an architectural backdrop

The BMW 4 Gran Coupé 420i meets multifaceted architecture. Specialized in transportation photography, ANKE LUCKMANN presents us on GoSee.NEWS her urban mise-en-scène of the tanzanite blue metallic sports car in the surroundings of her native country. That is: A road trip on the streets of Germany.

Against the backdrop of graffiti by night, brightly illuminated bridges – from big picture long shots to the minute details of close-ups – this sophisticated, light-handed transportation photography, seemingly coincidental, lets you forget how meticulously the automobile has been staged to perfection.

About the name of the color : Tanzanite is a blue variant of the gray to greenish mineral zoisite. The transparent, purple-bluish to lilac mineral tanzanite was first found in 1967 in northern Tanzania, and the delicate gemstone had its first taste of fame thanks New York jeweler Tiffany. He named it tanzanite after its country of origin.
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ANKE LUCKMANN : Cover shoot for DRIVE MAG with a bright-red Ferrari F8 Spider and Michèle Loetzner behind the wheel, daughter of rally driver Roger Loetzner

ANKE LUCKMANN realized a cover shoot for DRIVE, the supplement of Stuttgarter Zeitung, for which she staged the Ferrari F8 Spider – the evolution of the species – in eye-catching motifs. Here are the facts : 529 kW (720PS), 1505 kg weight, a capacity of 3900cm³. Behind the wheel : Michèle Loetzner, daughter of rally driver Roger Loeztner.

The creative mastermind behind DRIVE is José Redondo-Vega with his Munich-based editorial office TAOS. The signature of the former GQ Chief Editor, also responsible for Burda’s Focus Style, can be seen in the powerful visual language, the heady style and the original topics in DRIVE (photo editing: Melanie Ziggel, post production: Jenny Cremer).

Michèle Loetzner on her Instagram: “When @joseredondovega asked me last year if I wanted to take a Ferrari F8 Spider for a spin, I immediately said yes. Nothing aggravates a certain species of male more than a woman driving an expensive and fast car. Read all about how I did with the sports car and the guys on the Autobahn in DRIVE mag...” And Anke presents us the wonderful spread here on GoSee.
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NordKapp – a poetic snow-covered landscape photographed by ANKE LUCKMANN

“Nordkapp – a poetic snow-covered landscape which seems like a gateway to the wide world. If you take a closer look, though, it tells a different kind of story …” photographer ANKE LUCKMANN lets us know about her personal work, which was created on one of her many journeys.

Nordkapp, or North Cape, is a Norwegian municipality in the county of Troms og Finnmark. The larger part of the municipality is located on the island of Magerøya while the smaller part is on the Norwegian mainland, with which Magerøya has been connected by the 6,875m North Cape Tunnel since 1999. At one of the northern tips of Magerøya lies what is referred to as The North Cape, a slate plateau rising steeply out of the Arctic Ocean which is often incorrectly referred to as the northernmost point of Europe.

And even though the part about the northernmost point may not be entirely true – it still attracts travelers from all over the world year after year to Nordkapp.
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