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Anna Pramila Meissner, Creative Director Text, Überground GmbH

Do you know the writer of Reinhard Springer’s biographic novel? No, because she quit before it got published. Anna Pramila Meissner, she has multiple faces - none is ordinary. Creative director, copywriter, concept designer, a great cook, proud kiosk owner, mother, St.Pauli season ticket holder and wearer of very good Motto-Shirts! In any case, she is a driven creative who really takes care of problems, who is never satisfied with the first solution and therefore
regularly lets team and customer go beyond their boundaries. Anna never graduated, but got expelled from two schools and still, or maybe exactly because of that, she made it to Creative Director at Jung von Matt. There she spent 10 years looking after customers like BMW, Mini, Bosch, Haspa, Mercedes, AMG,
Edeka, RWE, Phillips, Beiersdorf … now she is Creative Director at the Creative Collective Überground, where she keeps a fresh breeze on her nose when she's not baking tasty waffles at the North Sea:,