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What type of reader are you? - Victoria CICHON c/o ART ACT illustrates various reader types for PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE NY

Reading concerns all of us. From days at school to old age, reading accompanies us both as an activity for leisure time and as an aid in acquiring information and knowledge. The various reader types were illustrated by Victoria CICHON c/o ART ACT for PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE NY. The result: Eleven prototypes of typical readers – from students to parents or even intellectuals. She also animated several of the illustrations in a small GIF.

Penguin Random House based in New York City is the world’s largest book publishing company. It was formed in 2013 through the merger of Random House and Penguin Books. The company belongs to the German media conglomerate Bertelsmann. Penguin Random House is mainly present in the English- and Spanish-speaking world.

The German subsidiary is the Penguin Random House publishing group with headquarters in Munich. The group consists of more than 250 individual publishing houses independently active in the market and launches more than 15,000 new releases each year.

Plus, we also present you two of her illustrations for Mpulse Magazine from METRO.

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Do you know Benjamin Banneker ? - Chris MENKE c/o ART ACT illustrates ‘The man who loved the stars’ for his graphic novel, a preview for you on GoSee

Work in progress – Chris c/o ART ACT is working on his graphic novel about Benjamin Banneker who was born in 1731 and was a mathematician, astronomer, abolitionist – as well as the first African-American scientist.

“The color of the skin is in no way connected with the strength of the mind or intellectual powers.”  B. Banneker.

An exclusive first impression here on GoSee.News.

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The illustrator representation ART ACT is delighted to announce New Entry HENK – welcome aboard !

New entry at ART ACT : Henk from the Netherlands. His trademark are illustrations and portraits created in 3D space, which he composites from 2D illustrations. This leads to a certain paper cut look. The images are created in Cinema 4D, and you can walk through the individual images and see everything from different perspectives. Exciting !

The Arch Bishop of Cologne surrounded by scandal, Rainer Maria Woelki, Albert Einstein, Prince… We present you a first portfolio on GoSee.News.

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