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blog | Hasselblad Ambassadors Cooper & Gorfer present 'Delirium' - HONORING THE HEROES

Sweden-based Hasselblad Ambassadors Cooper & Gorfer embarked on a new piece, Delirium, that embodies the Covid-19 pandemic, capturing the constant struggle of healthcare workers fighting through this historical tragedy. Beautifully reminiscent of the frontlines of an epic Renaissance battle, the soldiers consisting of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and anaesthesiologists grapple with handling symbolic comatose patients in their quest to save them.

Delirium describes this whole experience – for the nurses, for the patients, but also for us who maybe are just in our own bubble trying to cope with what’s happening in the world.

As healthcare workers across the globe work an immense amount of hours per day, are highly understaffed or perhaps have not been able to take a single day off in close to a year, Cooper & Gorfer wanted to highlight these heroes who carry us through this pandemic. But many nurses and doctors seem to refrain from using this word to describe themselves...

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