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The HASSELBLAD Masters Competition 2023 presents the winners with outstanding photo projects in the categories: Landscape, Architecture, Portrait, Street, and Art here on GoSee

HASSELBLAD is delighted to announce the six winning projects of the 2023 Hasselblad Masters competition in the categories Landscape, Architecture, Portrait, Art, Street and Project//21. Submitted to the competition were a total of 85,000 images from renowned industry professionals, emerging talent and photographers under the age of 21. Topics such as the creation of a sense of values and mirroring reality, as an opposite pole to AI, were found in almost all submissions.

They were chosen through a combination of a public vote and a professional grand jury comprised of internationally renowned experts. Stefan Jensen, photographer and curator at the Hasselblad Foundation and chair of the grand jury, tells us: “Being a jury member for the Hasselblad Masters competition has been both exciting and challenging – the level of quality reached by the submissions this year made it difficult to decide. A thematic concept that comes to mind when looking at the winning contributions is the creation of a sense of values. With one exception, each category contained photographs that met the criteria of the original definition – a subject in front of the camera. They range from documentary to staged images and collages, but what they have in common is that they are a reflection of reality. The artists of the competition, i.e., the photographers, enable viewers to understand and make sense of their environment in new ways, demonstrating the strength of photography in our day and age.”

LANDSCAPE winner Weimin Chu combines traditional landscapes in his images with contemporary developments in China. Chu creates a frame within a frame, connecting a view of the carriage interior with that of the outside landscape, inviting viewers to embark on a journey with the photographer through space and time. “These landscapes, with a touch of humanity, send me off on a journey to various different places. The color palette is soft and refined and extremely balanced,” says Anne Farrar, Assistant Managing Editor of Photography at National Geographic and a member of the grand jury.

Tiina Itkonen’s series, winner in the ARCHITECTURE category, documents the traditional lives of Inuit hunters and their families, who live in small wooden houses in remote parts of East and Northwest Greenland. Her images exemplify resilience and ingenuity in extreme conditions. “What I love about this series is the freedom to show the building in the context of the surroundings. There’s a softness to the palette which reflects the understated architecture amid the calm landscape,” says Anne Farrar, Assistant Managing Editor of Photography at National Geographic and member of the grand jury.

The series by Jan Pypers, the ART category winner, explores the lost bond between mankind and nature, inspired by traditional dioramas and modern depictions. By blending reality with surrealism, Pypers creates images that evoke curiosity and fascination – urging to reconnect with and respect the natural world. “The photographer skillfully balances what looks like a documentary scene with added elements that make us question their reality,” says Stefan Jensen, curator of the Hasselblad Foundation and chair of the grand jury.

Each winner is given the coveted title of Hasselblad Master and receives their own Hasselblad 100-megapixel mirrorless medium format camera, including two XCD Series lenses and a creative fund of EUR 5,000. They will participate in a collaborative project with Hasselblad and have the opportunity to be published in the commemorative Hasselblad Masters book and across all digital Hasselblad channels.
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GOSEE ART says congrats : the 2024 C/O Berlin Talent Award goes to artist Silvia Rosi

C/O Berlin is delighted to announce that the 2024 C/O Berlin Talent Award in the category Artist goes to Silvia Rosi (1992, IT). The brilliant piece of work entitled ‘Protektorat’ will be on display in a solo exhibition from 1 February through 16 May 2025 at C/O Berlin in Amerika Haus in Hardenbergstraße 22–24, 10623 Berlin.

Also on the shortlist in 2024 are the artists Salih Basheer (*1995, SDN), Hiê` n Hoàng (*1990, VNM), Sheida Soleimani (*1990, USA) as well as Yao Yuan (*1988, CHN).

The 2024 C/O Berlin Talent Award in the category ‘Theorist’ goes to curator and author Katrin Bauer (*1992, GER), who will write the first art historical essay on the winning project. The essay, together with an interview with Silvia Rosi, will be part of an artist monograph appearing at Spector Books for C/O Berlin to accompany the artist’s solo show.

Italian artist Silvia Rosi examines her Togolese heritage in ‘Protektorat’ while shedding light on systems of communication and notation in colonial and hegemonial structures of power. Beginning with archival material from the national archives of Togo, she highlights the extensive spread of Western systems during the colonial occupation of Togo by the German Reich, and by British and French forces.

The story in ‘Protektorat’ is told by means of multiple visual forms and on several sensory levels: still and moving images accompanied by sound enable the viewer to see and hear how local languages, traditions, and visual culture became overwritten and repressed under colonialism. The protagonist of these works is always Rosi herself, allowing her to effectively embed her personal experiences within the collective storyline.

Rosi’s complex approach of exploring the documentary side of photography in postcolonial discourse using varied and innovative methods convinced the jury unanimously.

Since 2018, the C/O Berlin Talent Award has been themed upon ‘New Documentary Strategies’. The aim is to support and encourage a critical approach to traditional documentary narratives and visualizing it in the form of exhibitions and publications. C/O Berlin is the only institution in Europe to offer a funding program aimed at the next generation of artists and theorists.
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GOSEE BOOK TIP : ‘Fugue’ by Lydia Goldblatt – sensitive photographs about becoming and losing a mother, created over the course of four years (GOST Books)

‘Fugue’ by Lydia Goldblatt, which was published in June 2024 at GOST Books, is a poignant exploration of love, grief, motherhood, and the complex interplay between intimacy and distance. Through a combination of photographs and written narratives, Goldblatt focuses on domestic life over the course of four years.

When Goldblatt became a mother, she found herself unable to take photos. However, after her own mother died, she began to photograph again, both at home and in the city around her. “I wanted to be honest about what I was struggling with, about the feelings of claustrophobia and rage, as much as intimacy and love. These are feelings so often hidden by mothers, so often silenced as unacceptable,” says Goldblatt.

The book itself is a work of art: The cover, adorned in pink with red endpapers, is a deliberate choice by Goldblatt to evoke a sense of corporeality. It features the final bars of Johann Sebastian Bach’s unfinished ‘Fugue’, who wrote The Art of Fugue unfinished because he died. Goldblatt explains: “I like the notes floating untethered.”

“Photographing became a lifeline, a way of weaving past through present. Through my pictures and writing, I was able to think about the transformations that accompany motherhood and loss. And I could challenge the archetypes and taboos of motherhood. Beyond mothering, I have been able to explore a wider sense of caregiving through the relationships my partner holds with our children, those they hold with each other, and through the writing that spans generations. I hope that this work gives voice to a story that is both individual and collective,” says Goldblatt.

The photographs from ‘Fugue’ were also exhibited from 16 through 19 May 2024 by the Robert Morat Gallery as part of Photo London.

Lydia Goldblatt, a British photographic artist based in London, has exhibited her work in in renowned galleries and museums worldwide. Her first book ‘Still Here’ is held in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum National Art Library, and her work is held in numerous public and private collections including the National Portrait Gallery and The Women’s Library, London. Goldblatt received the GRAIN Projects Artist Commission in 2020 to develop Fugue, and received an award for her portrait from the series in the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

‘Fugue’ is a 192-page, hardcover book with 120 illustrations, available at GOST Books.

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