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Avenger Photographers / Sylvia Weinmann

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München, Stuttgart
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news Director & photographer Reno MEZGER, now represented by AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS, solves visual problems with design, photography and lots of film - a portrait plus a showreel on GoSee

Reno Mezger is new at AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS. He is a photographer and director out of passion. What fascinates him is the visual thrill. He likes variety and jumping back and forth between disciplines. Reno lives in Hamburg and works in the areas of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

“I am a photographer, director and DOP. I hold lectures on fashion aesthetics and fashion photography at a university. At times, I’m also: a film editor, motion designer, sound designer, and color grader. I make films. I love typography, graphic design and the written word. That sounds like quite a lot. For me, it’s all one world: design. I solve visual problems; it’s my favorite pastime. With images, films, words, colors, shapes, sounds, and writing. I like variety and jumping back and forth between disciplines. I have always been fascinated by the visual thrill. Artistic, surprising, striking things, perfectly crafted... that we look at long and often.”

My career? I started out with graphic design in...

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