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Category  Transportation · Lifestyle · Landscape
Location  Berlin, Paris
about // Michael HANISCH will always be passionate in what he is doing, no matter what visual content it is. Michael studied Photography Design in Berlin and started his career as an assistant to several leading photographers in Germany and England. Back in the days when Polaroids and large format...


Category  Advertising · Lifestyle · People
Location  Hamburg, Berlin
about // Michael Heinsen always succeeds in capturing those fine nuances that make a photo or film sequence special and simply, Whether he is faced with emotionality, strong physical presence, fragility or...


Category  Transportation · Landscape · Architecture
Location  Köln, Los Angeles
clients // Look! „Hapiness is a function of accepting what is.” To develop and live an attitude to photography and life, drives Erik since the beginning of his photo days: For more than 30 years now. The...


Category  Transportation · Lifestyle · Director
Location  Sweden, Borås
about // Patrik Johaell shoots people, places and things, in a style that combines state-of-the-art technical proficiency with soulful style and creativity.


Category  Advertising · Portrait · Director
Location  Berlin, Düsseldorf
about // Frank Schemmann is always looking for the right energy, the good energy. Making the inner smile visible.

Wolfgang ZAC

Category  Advertising · Lifestyle · Director
Location  Berlin, Los Angeles
about // Fasten your seatbelts. Your flight to ZACLAND is about to take off. https://zaclandstudios.com/ Soon we’ll be landing in a kingdom of rock, where you can roll with a gang of like-minded...