Wolfgang Zac c/o B&A REPS Germany

Additional Info // about Wolfgang Zac

Fasten your seatbelts. Your flight to ZACLAND is about to take off.
Soon we’ll be landing in a kingdom of rock, where you can roll with a gang of like-minded troublemakers. Your passport? A wild heart raging against copy paste culture and seeking nothing more than true beauty through a distortion pedal.
Welcome to ZACLAND, my new website and my new home. My visual wall of sound magazine. My burning flag on the moon. My gift to myself and to you. ZACLAND is everything I care about, everything that drives me, and everything I create.
You are cordially invited to run rampant through ZACLAND. Pedal to the metal. Tire marks on the road, or you get a fine. Come for the zero bullshit – stay for the 100% commitment.
So do yourself a favor, go to your biggest screen, dive into the site and re-re-re-refresh the landing page - it's like re-imagining a dreamscape of picturesque punkdom with every click. Do it. Now. And then do it again. And again.
And if you take only one thing away from ZACLAND, I hope it’s “HALTUNG” – and that you translate this beautiful German term into your life.
See you in a click,