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Anna + Elena = Balbusso Twins

Artist · Illustrator · Graphic Designer
Milano, New York
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blog A series of illustrations inspired by the impact of COVID-19 by Balbusso Twins - available on

To express our feeling during this period of self-isolation in Milan, at the same time as the beautiful assignments for our clients throughout the world, we created a series of illustrations inspired by the impact of COVID-19. They are personal works, part of our artistic research. We choose topics that touch our sensitivity and develop them by giving our free interpretation. Now the images are available for reuse and artistic prints. ©Balbusso Twins images available for reuse on our stock collection @theispot:
Fine art prints available on our @inprnt gallery

Anna and Elena Balbusso twins are internationally recognized award winning Italian artists team who work has been published by major international publishers and companies through out the world on various media types such as book jackets, magazines, newspapers including The Economist, The New York Times, The New Yorker Magazine, Reader's...

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