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news featured by Sven Jacobsen Vernissage ‘LIKE BIRDS’ in Hamburg and Berlin for the release of the namesake photo book at Hatje Cantz – photographer SVEN JACOBSEN looks forward to seeing you !

“The photo book ‘Like Birds’ by photographer Sven Jacobsen takes us back to a carefree time of youthful self-awareness, to a summer full of adventure. In their immediacy, a timeless dimension develops in his photographs of youngsters experimenting; exuberantly jumping into the water; clambering around on fences, poles, and dunes; being silly; kissing; skateboarding; or simply lying in the tall grass.” HATJE CANTZ tells us about the book ‘Like Birds’ by photographer SVEN JACOBSEN.

For the book release, no less than two exhibitions will be held featuring a selection of motifs: on 11 August in Hamburg and on 26 August in Berlin. Photographer Sven Jacobsen will, of course, also be attending and looks forward to seeing you. The venue for both is the Circle Culture Gallery.

SVEN JACOBSEN, born 1969, began working as a freelance photographer in 1999 after studying architecture. He is known for his campaigns for major clients such as BMW, Nikon, and Coca-Cola, as well as for his editorials...

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