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Markus Rock photographed actor Daniel Brühl, the ic! Berlin brand ambassador for 2024, and in charge of grooming was Mischka HART c/o BASICS.BERLIN.Daniel Brühl will soon star in the role of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in the new French series, filmed for the Disney+ streaming service, to be introduced at the Cannes International Series Festival from 5 to 10 April on the Côte d’Azur.The miniseries, based on the Lagerfeld biography by a French journalist, tells the story of …
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IMAGE // BASICS BERLIN: Grooming by Mischka Hart for IC! Berlin x Daniel Brühl
IMAGE // BASICS BERLIN: Grooming by Mischka Hart for IC! Berlin x Daniel Brühl
‘What we all have to do now is remain optimistic’ - Robert Rieger photographs actor Daniel Brühl for ESQUIRE Germany - grooming by Mischka HART c/o BASICS BERLIN

Each month, ESQUIRE Germany invites exciting guests from all over the world and special personalities to engage in a conversation. Esquire Chief Editor Dominik Schütte interviews people who are thrilling, inspiring and entertaining – from the areas of film, music, sports or politics. “Good stories are easy to listen to, and good people are easy to remember!” goes the Esquire credo. #6 was star actor Daniel Brühl, who was photographed by Robert Rieger. Grooming: Mischka Hart c/o BASICS.BERLIN.ESQUIRE : “Daniel Brühl on self-doubt, …
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IMAGE // Esquire Germany - Daniel Brühl