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LOCATIONS //   Berlin

About // Matteo Lai

Born in Italy, Matteo Lai completed his art studies at the Art Academy, Rome. He brings his interests and his understanding of art and fashion to all of his assignments and through his special field "Fashion and Art“ he can always contribute valuable input to the success of a shoot. Especially through its balanced nature, he can convince our customers and has already gained a regular customers base for himself. His trilingualism (Italian, English, German) benefits him in the internati… read more

Clients // of Matteo Lai

amelie satzger · annyck benth · boris kralj · brix&maas · burak isseven · christian hoppe · cem guenes · frank zauritz · guido castagnoli · henrik folkesson · jim rakete · jonas müller · kai müller · katharina di leva · katia wik · lena burman · magnurs gerwien · max von treu · ragnar schmuck · sandra semburg &mid… read more