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news Marcella VERWEYEN c/o BIGOUDI styles the 'Satyriasis' spot for FUCKING YOUNG mag and Director Matthias Leton, plus personal work for you on GoSee.NEWS

Satyriasis or satyromania (derived from the satyr of Greek mythology) are the terms used in medicine and psychology to describe pathologically excessive sexual desire in a man. The terms are considered antiquated today. In the mid-nineteenth century, it was assumed that this hypersexuality was caused both by hereditary tendency and by other factors such as indolence, masturbation and the sedentary lifestyle so popular in our time.

The term satyriasis is the male counterpart to the likewise no longer clinically applied term of nymphomania or man-craziness in women, which is categorized today under the number F52.7 and referred to as ‘excessive sexual desire’ or as satyriasis (in males) or nymphomania (in females) in the international statistical classification of diseases and related health issues by the WHO, which can be read on Wikipedia.

Marcella VERWEYEN c/o BIGOUDI styled the spot ‘Satyriasis’ for FUCKING YOUNG mag for Director Matthias Leton.

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