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#thepowerofnight – Ralph Mecke photographs for STERN FASHION, art direction and styling by Ingo NAHRWOLD c/o BIGOUDI

With exciting interviews, backstage reportages and glamorous shoots, STERN FASHION magazine conveys plenty of fascination – and informs readers entirely en passant about the latest trends. The mix is a big success among designers and brands alike, just as much as among its readers. And due to this great success, the STERN supplement has expanded its coverage : Since spring 2021, each supplement also presents topics in the areas of beauty, watches and jewelry.

#thepowerofnight – she is back and as seductive as ever ! The spread presented here was photographed by Ralph Mecke among others with models Maty Ndiaye and Sarah Saxinger for STERN FASHION. Art direction and styling of the motifs by Ingo NAHRWOLD c/o BIGOUDI. GoSee : stern.de//mode & bigoudi.de
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‘Rebel Rebel – Tracing the Thin White Duke’s Berlin’ in ACHTUNG magazine – art direction & styling by Ingo NAHRWOLD c/o BIGOUDI and photos by Oliver Spies

‘The Thin White Duke’ was the persona and alter ego of British musician David Bowie in 1975 and 1976. We quote Wikipedia : “The Thin White Duke was a controversial figure due to ostensibly pro-fascist statements made by Bowie in press interviews during this period. Soon after making the comments, Bowie claimed that they were ‘theatrical’ remarks made in character and did not reflect his actual views. In later years, he blamed his erratic behavior during his mid-1970s Duke era on an ‘astronomical’ use of hard drugs (particularly cocaine) while living in Los Angeles. Bowie left California for Europe in late 1976 to improve his mental and physical well-being. He settled in West Berlin in early 1977, at which point he quietly retired the Thin White Duke persona.” 

The homage to the musician was photographed by Oliver Spies for ACHTUNG magazine. Art direction and styling were taken care of by Ingo NAHRWOLD c/o BIGOUDI. Male model and Bowie impersonator was Sebastian Warschow, Cultural Science Professional and Chief Communications Officer at the agency haebmau.

GoSee : achtung-mode.com/rebel-rebel & bigoudi.de
13.10.2021 show complete article