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news featured by Lunik Florian Bison photographs the SPARKASSEN campaign for corporate clients – produced by LUNIK and Bigshrimp in Berlin

The new SPARKASSE campaign for corporate clients is all about the topics sustainability and digitization. It was photographed by Florian Bison c/o Klein Photographen. Responsible for production in a gallant twin-pack were Bigshrimp in Hamburg and Lunik on location in Berlin. The executive agency was Scholz & Friends. As an experienced photo agency, LUNIK likes to work frequently as a service production company in Berlin or throughout Germany.

Besides casting, location scouting and service production, LUNIK also offers global production support : “For international productions, we are at your side on location, and our global network of long-term partners ensures professional local support and smooth production. For theses services, we set an overall budget in euros and are responsible for the individual productions in various different countries – from calculation of costs in foreign currencies to exact receipt-based billing or even planning and booking global travel.”

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