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news Charlotte Dauphin and Marie-Agnes Gillot posing for the camera of Andrea SPOTORNO c/o BIRD PRODUCTION for the Valentino Special in the Revolutions Issue of PURPLE Magazine

Charlotte Dauphin is a French filmmaker, producer, screenwriter and designer. Marie-Agnès Gillot is a French ballerina from Opéra de Paris, where she has danced as an étoile, or star dancer – the highest rank a dancer can achieve. She is also a choreographer. Prima ballerina Marie-Agnès Gillot gracefully dances around a sculpture in the new short film by Charlotte Dauphin.

Andrea SPOTORNO c/o BIRD PRODUCTION portrayed the two creatives for the Valentino Special in the Revolutions Issue of PURPLE Magazine.

“Beyond mere performance, the film delves into a profound narrative with the sculpture mirroring deep emotions and the psyche. Marie-Agnès, the personification of these emotions, channels and liberates her feelings through her dance around the piece of art. The atmosphere is intensified by the signature music of Mirwais. Dance meets sculpture meets film, and Charlotte Dauphin serves as the creator of this singular synthesis of the arts as a writer, choreographer, actor, sculptor...

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