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Nataliya Bulycheva for Numero France 222

model: Nataliya Bulycheva
photographer: Koto Bolofo
hair stylist: Martyn Foss Calder
makeup artist: Houda Remita
styling assistant: Celine Gaulhiac

Berlin Based Femi Oyewole for Andy Wolf Eyewear 2021

Meet Femi Oyewole @femdelafemthegardener, a multi-disciplinary artist who uses any medium to create unique experiences and bring people together. Born in Nigeria, raised in London and a citizen of the world, Femi is a creative thinker, a committed doer, a spirited worker and unique innovator.

Studying contemporary dance, Femi has worked for multiple renowned international dance companies and is co-founder of @blackbrownberlin. He continues to work on making the world a better place.

Video: Caro&Vian
Creative communication consultant: Kiki Albrecht
Photographer: Bastian Thiery
Source: Andy Wolf Eyewear
Stylist: Tim Tobias Zimmermann

New illustrator: Emmanuel Polanco

Emmanuel Polanco studied at the ESAT in Paris. Today he lives in Sweden. He finds inspiration for his paintings in film, theatre and art and wants to transmit convincing ideas as simply and strikingly as possible. He works with reduced drawing and occasionally combines it into a collage.

Berlin Based Philip Adomako for ZEITmagazin

model: Philip Adomako
photographer: Dan Beleiu
hair stylist: Wataru Suzuki
director of photography: Milena Carstens
casting director: Roxane Dia