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The Flannels Group Limited, trading as Flannels, is a British retailer. The company currently has 50+ locations open in the United Kingdom. MICAELA MCLUCAS photographed the FLANNELS "DRIPPING SAUCE" OOH campaign in London.

photographer MICAELA MCLUCAS
production company RSA FILMS
producer CARLA POOLE
client : FLANNELS
art director: @gini.may
Stylist: @verityparker
MUA: @nikki_makeup
MUA Assistant: @maha.gram
Hair: @lukepluckrose
Hair Assistant: @bigoudi_hair
Manicurist: @chisatochee

Mischa Fanghaenel Captures Berlin's Elusive Nightlife Scene with NACHTS

In the bustling streets of contemporary Berlin, Mischa Fanghaenel's lens captures not just images, but the very essence of humanity.

Central to Mischa Fanghaenel's work is a profound reverence for humankind, reflected in his portraits that serve as mirrors of the soul. Through his lens, he endeavors to capture not just physical likeness, but the essence of his subjects—their vulnerabilities, strengths, and untold stories.

Drawing inspiration from the luminous mastery of photographers like Yusuf Karsh, Fanghaenel employs natural light as his primary tool, infusing his compositions with a timeless elegance reminiscent of classical art. Whether through portraiture or his evocative "blurred series," he seeks to evoke an emotional response, inviting viewers to rediscover the boundless beauty that surrounds us.

The vibrant tapestry of Berlin's club scene serves as both muse and canvas for Fanghaenel's creative endeavors. Through "NACHTS," he immortalizes the kaleidoscope of personalities and energies, challenging stereotypes and celebrating the inherent uniqueness of each...

"Framed by Foil" by Tomek Makolski

"Framed by Foil" is a passion project blending automotive elegance and artistic vision. This series features the Range Rover and model Natalia, set against a striking paint foil backdrop. The moody lighting and minimalist aesthetic enhance the overall atmosphere, making each image a unique visual experience. This project merges the sleek design of the Range Rover with the reflective and transparent qualities of paint foil, which also softens the light. The set design adds depth and dimension, creating a visually captivating experience. The paint foil reflects and diffuses light to create intriguing patterns and textures, with Natalia's grace complementing the Range Rover's sophisticated presence. Collaborating with POP for retouching brought our vision to life, ensuring every detail was perfect. The visual style is moody, atmospheric, futuristic, sleek, artistic, and dreamlike, creating a cinematic feel with controlled lighting and a curated color palette. "Framed by Foil" is an exploration of artistic boundaries and a celebration of design and beauty.


10 years of working with RB Leipzig.

Gary Latham Photography - Highly Comended (Food in the Field) - Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year 2023.

Gary Latham is pleased to announce that two images entred in the 'Food in the Field' category of this years Pink Lady - Food Photographer Of The Year 2023 were included in the Final and have won a Highly Commendedand award.
They will be included in the exhibition at the Royal Photographic Society in Bristol. Two images awarded as 'Highly Commended' in the category 'Food in the Field' (Salt production on Uyuni Salt Lake, Bolivia & Reindeer Migration-Sacred Mountain are shown below:

Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year - FINALIST 2024

So happy to again be a finalist in the 2024 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year!