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Very Private? Exploring themes of sex, intimacy, gender and identity, this exhibition presents a selection of Duncan Grant’s recently discovered erotic drawings alongside responses by six contemporary artists – Somaya Critchlow, Harold Offeh, Kadie Sa

Two new exhibitions are opening at Charleston with the first ever showing of Duncan Grant’s erotic drawings alongside responses by six contemporary artists, and a solo presentation by Linder Sterling inspired by the history of Charleston and the Bloomsbury group.

Charleston is delighted to announce details of Very Private?, the first exhibition of Duncan Grant’s recently discovered erotic drawings, which will be shown for the first time alongside new contemporary responses by artists Somaya Critchlow, Harold Offeh, Kadie Salmon, Tim Walker, Alison Wilding, and Ajamu X. The exhibition will open alongside a new installation by artist Linder, Linder: A Dream Between Sleeping and Waking, which is a multimedia response both to the history of Charleston and the work of Duncan Grant.

Exploring themes of sex, intimacy, gender, and identity, Duncan Grant’s recently uncovered erotic drawings were produced during the 1940s and 50s, a period of persecution and oppression of queer bodies and culture from the authorities, when sex between men was still illegal in England. The drawings,...


METAMORPHIC SCULPTURES are bodies that have had their original shape changed by rope and fabric.

Visual artist Dan Carabas presents an immersive art exhibition of physical and digital artworks. Explore a completely dark space where the only illumination is from the artworks’ reflection. The works are accompanied by a sound installation by Peter Hayo on each of the physical images, which together constitute a symphony.

Kühlhaus, Luckenwalder Straße 3, 10963 Berlin

Thursday, October 27, 19.00h - 23.00h
Friday, October 28, 12.00h - 18.00h
Saturday, October 29, 12.00h - 18.00h
Sunday, October 30, 14.00h - 18.00h


The pandemic, the lockdowns, and social distancing for months on end have shaped how we live together as a society over the past years. During this unusual time, Gerhard Maurer has created a multilayered document using quiet photographs with a condensed aesthetic.

‘What are we waiting for’ is a book about loneliness and the loss of certainty in urban and rural spaces. “It is his very personal world into which the photographer invites us in order to reflect on a phenomenon which has taken hold of society as a whole. This is a grand and generous gesture which can only be offered by someone who is emotionally close to us to a point where deep understanding touches the individual human soul; the place where the silence of loneliness and the fragility of one’s own existence have their origin.” Anja Bohnhof.)

The book ‘What are we waiting for’ is available in the AnzenbergerGallery bookshop.

‘La festa è finita’ is a large Salento luminaria. A reflection on the times in which we are living, this work deals with the concepts of polarity, ambiguity and contrast that have been...

The Nest—The CalArts Poster Archive Print By Scott Massey

The Nest is a book, conceived and designed by Scott Massey, about process—the process of designing, and how it changes both what we make and who we are. The Nest is also a book about memory—how memory builds up in layers and influences our experiences, as well as the things we make. The focus of The Nest is a series of posters created in celebration of the exhibition Inside Out & Upside Down: Posters from CalArts 1970–2019. The Nest documents Scott Massey’s use of appropriation, collage, layering and re-working to generate 200 unique and vibrant compositions that each tell a different story about creative discovery.

The Nest was born when Massey, a CalArts alum, was commissioned by curator Michael Worthington to design and print a poster for the Inside Out & Upside Down exhibition. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the exhibition at the Redcat in Los Angeles, CA had been postponed. With the world still in the throes of the global pandemic, this was seen as a time to dig deeper, to reflect on what makes each of us unique and what inspires our lives. At the heart of The Nest is...

The Beauty of Imperfection

"Unflattering poses or disturbingly intimate details counteract
the prevailing thinking about the most advantageous and perfect
representation of naked bodies. In her colorful productions hovers
a hint of criticism of prevailing ideals of beauty and gender classifications
or the ideas of what a woman should look like and how she should pose.
Her view does not show the bodies perfectly or shamefully, and yet - or
precisely because of this - the photographs are of shimmering beauty.
The images irritate in a joyful way and set off a journey inside us - a mental cinema,
inspired by the sensuality and originality of these photographs."

Dorothee Achenbach

CLAMP ART New York present 'The Lavender Flair' - a James Bidgood-inspired exhibition featuring work from David LaChapelle to Pierre et Gilles

CLAMPART New York is pleased to present “The Lavender Flair,” an exhibition of artworks by artists influenced by or associated with James Bidgood (1933-2022) : with Aaron Cobbett, David LaChapelle, James Bidgood, Lissa Rivera, Lori Nix/Kathleen Gerber, Pierre et Gilles & Steven Arnold.

James Bidgood came of age during the height of the “red scare,” an epidemic of paranoia regarding communism spearheaded by Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy, who represented Bidgood’s home state of Wisconsin. During this period, Bidgood was settling into his new life in New York City, and the anti-communist movement shifted to include any individual who was viewed as a threat against the nation. This secondary movement has been referred to as the “lavender scare”—a mass purging of gay government workers and a wave of explicitly homophobic policies.

Originating in the State Department, before spreading to all federal agencies, policies were enacted to protect national security by allowing and encouraging the persecution of gay government workers. McCarthy believed that homosexuals posed an...


DEPARTURE: RÄUME III Exhibition in the Former Berlin Tegel Airport

Architect and artist Alina Mann presents RÄUME III exhibition at DEPARTURE in the former Berlin Tegel Airport from September 13 - 18, 2022. With over 60 artists the exhibition is the 3rd part of the series RÄUME.

"DEPARTURE is a moment when we leave something in order to arrive somewhere else, we let go of something in order to accept something else, we look back on something in order to be able to look forward. DEPARTURE gives the direction or leaves everything open." -Alina Mann

RÄUME has chosen Tegel Airport as a location for its third exhibition. The beloved TXL is currently experiencing the dissolution of its purpose. This is the moment in which the positive uncertainty of the future combines with the longing for the past. Tegel at this moment is in the state of departure without knowing where the journey is going.

A large-scale work of art will be created on the ground between the air cargo hall and Terminal.

Opening Hours:
13 September 2022, 4 - 8 PM
14 September 2022, 4 - 8 PM
15 September 2022, 4 - 8 PM
16 September 2022, 4 - 10 PM
17 September 2022, 4 -...

Podcast Launch: Cinema Verde's Director Discussions

Cinema Verde has launched its podcast on all channels, creating another digital way to spread the word about the work of independent environmental filmmakers. Cinema Verde's Director Discussions are now available on all major podcast channels, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and Stitcher.

Cinema Verde interviews its talented film directors and producers about their extraordinary films. Go behind the scenes with Cinema Verde and the impactful filmmakers who are spreading awareness and inspiring change.

Cinema Verde’s mission is to provide environmental education to the public through film, arts, workshops, events, tours, and any other forum or media; to increase public awareness of environmental practices that enhance public health and improve quality of life in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

I did my best to make sure you were taken care of
Through the plants that bore fruit for you to eat
Provided you sun when you were cold
And shade when the heat got to be too much
But, no matter how much I gave you, you always wanted...