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Kids eyewear shoot for global campaign

Shot on location in England for national eyewear retailer and global resellers. These kids were great, they really enjoyed the shoot and were happy to wear the glasses. Fun was had by all.


Avenger Photographers is a full service agency for photographers, beauty and styling experts. They represent selected photographers with many years of experience and qualified training as well as hair & makeup and styling experts. Avenger stands for quality and reliability, optimal results and cost awareness. Further services include complete production management as well as consulting and support for freelance productions. Avenger works together with a creative and experienced network.


Also this year, the BUBIG board can be met at UPDATE 24 Berlin on April 18/19 at the Telegraphenamt Berlin. What will the team come up with this year? Stay tuned and relax.... The BUBIG - Federal Association for Visual Design currently represents more than 30 agencies and production companies with their long-standing experience in the fields of photography, film, illustration, animation, and production for photo and motion pictures. The association is constantly and sustainably growing and has opened up to new industries such as artist management and post-production. The requirements for agencies and productions have changed in recent years. Today, agents handle contract negotiations as well as productions for the artists they represent. To embrace these new challenges and offer clients the best expertise, BUBIG has now been joined by renowned production companies.


Maison Begüm Khan X La Chambre

Founded in 2012 in Istanbul by Begüm Kiroglu, Maison Begüm Khan offers jewelry-works of art that accompany powerful and confident women in their conquest of the world. Begüm Khan will install it’s pop-up at La Chambre from February 25 to March 7.

“For me, the design journey always starts with an artistic need. I am constantly hunting for beauty and when I can’t find what I am dreaming of, I start making it. I learned art shouldn’t be limited to precious porcelain hidden behind glass. Art was part of our daily life, and I see it as a way of living.” Designer BEGÜM KIROĞLU.

As a child, she explored the ancient alleyways and hidden nooks of cities her family visited in search of antique treasures and Istanbul’s labyrinthines became her playground. She began her studies at Bocconi University before moving to Shanghai, where she completed a masters degree in Chinese culture and art. This passion for creativity drew Begüm further East, along the historic Silk Road, to Shanghai, where she completed a masters degree in Chinese culture and art. Inspired by the rich heritage and...

"Ephemera" For Schön Magazine

"Ephemera" for Schön! Magazine
Teamwork is key, as well as having the right people on board is crucial. I've had the idea for this shoot for quite some time now and wanted to get together the right people for it. With Shima Khazei, Suzana Santalab and Martin Narr, we put a lot of effort into searching for the right model. In the end, I came across Tatiana Chechetova and fell in love with her for this specific idea. I'm therefore also grateful for the trust of everyone who joined me for this one.

Check the video:
Huge thanks to the whole team!
Stylist. Shima Khazei
H&M. Suzana Santalab @ Bigoudy Agency using Dyson + LancômeModel.
Tatiana Chechetova @ M4 MODELS
Colorist. Grit Hackenberg
Text. Hugh James Brosnahan
Narration. Dacey Else
Fashion assistant. Claire Scholz
Assistant. Oliver Moscher
Digital + Light. Moritz Rehbein
Videography + Editing. Martin Narr
Photography + Concept. Félix L. Salazar

"If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go farther, go together"


Julia Waldmann represents an exclusive group of photographers and video artists: Alexandra Polina, Matthias Wehofsky, Sophie Schwarzenberger, Stefan Thurmann.


STILLSTARS is a pure still life agency with a carefully chosen portfolio of top still life photographers & stylists. We offer a wide range of stilllife photographical expressions to international clients. There is a STILLSTARS photographer for every kind of job.

Our clients are out of every branch like : beauty, fashion & accessories, jewellery, interior, food, tablewear, liquids, technique, architecture & landscapes up to automotive and industry. Each photographer represented by STILLSTARS has his own visual creative expression combined with technical perfection. The shootings of our clients are handled with utmost care. It is always a collaboration between clients expectations and creative visions of the photographer and his team. STILLSTARS is a full representation service for still life photographers in terms of marketing activities, client acquisitions, production handling, contract service, budgeting and invoicehandling. With STILLSTARS PRODUCTION we care about all aspects of shooting handling including, organization, castings of locations/models, team artbuying as well...

Campaign Raiffeisenbank Krems - Grafenwörth

Photo shoot for an advertising campaign for Raiffeisenbank Krems in the Grafenwörth region.
Photography & image retouching Atelier Schulte
Graphics: Oliver Nutz