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A brief in men’s fashion and culture.

FUCKING YOUNG began as an inspirational platform focusing on youthful aesthetics derived from manly hemispheres. Their freedom allowed them to merge established with emerging artists, thus aiding the latter reaching their own public. A synergy that owed most to a passion for the arts has since grown to a state where not only do they promote content created by others, moreover they sponsor and collaborate in birthing such work. Now they also celebrate this community’s creativity with their printed magazine, which intends to better shelter their love and presence in the youthful hemisphere of the current times.

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Ein Brief in Männermode und -kultur.

FUCKING YOUNG begann als inspirierende Plattform, die sich auf eine jugendliche Ästhetik konzentriert, die aus den männlichen Hemisphären stammt. Ihre Freiheit erlaubte es ihnen, etablierte mit aufstrebenden Künstlern zu verschmelzen und so letzteren zu helfen, ihr eigenes Publikum zu erreichen....



L’OFFICIEL is the incarnation of the French style. Since its founding in 1921, the brand has its place in the heart of the luxury and fashion universe.
L’OFFICIEL is a platform on which luxury, fashion, jewelery, beauty, art and culture are constantly being reinvented and staged. Since 2018 L’OFFICIEL has also been published in Austria as a print edition, on the web at, on Facebook and Instagram.

The production of an editorial for L’Officiel: Austria
- Concept execution
- Selection of creative team
- Model booking

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L’OFFICIEL ist die Inkarnation des „Französischer Stils“. Seit seiner Gründung 1921 hat die Marke seinen Platz im Herzen des Luxus- und Modeuniversums.
L’OFFICIEL ist eine Plattform auf der sich Luxus, Mode, Schmuck, Beauty, Kunst & Kultur immer wieder neu erfinden und inszenieren. Seit 2018 erscheint L‘OFFICIEL auch in Österreich als Printausgabe, im...

Travel Photography (Dodho Magazine); City Landscape by Maximilian Chini

"The landscape of cities is often the very first image we have of a country. As soon as we land at the airport, with a taxi or a fast train we are taken to a city and we begin to have an impression on the culture, the people, on wealth or poverty and safety."

Swiss beauty brand DE MOI® launches Skin Perfect Elixir Face Serum

DE MOI® Conscious Beauty
May we introduce: DE MOI® Skin Perfect Elixir Face Serum

DE MOI® is a Swiss beauty brand with a holistic approach to skincare. Its founder, Demee Koch, holds more than two decades of experience in the beauty industry, and fights to eliminate the negative impact that the beauty industry has on mental health, the environment, animals and work force.

With the DE MOI® Skin Perfect Elixir Face Serum, the beauty team developed a key clean beauty piece for potent skincare, created with an honest and straightforward formula, using 100% plant-based ingredients and natural extenders. The serum is naturally hypoallergenic and vegan, which means it does not contain animal derived or animal tested ingredients.

“The development of honest and cruelty-free products is a given for us. We take it further,” says Demee Koch, who promotes Skinimalism through high-performing, multi-functional products - Products full of rich ingredients that address the most common skin concerns, simplifying beauty routines and reduce packaging. “We don’t need as many products as...

Armate de color - the spot for BISSU Cosmetics by JUAN SALVARREDY, Buenos Aires, on GoSee.NEWS

Bissú Cosmetics, founded 1991, offers a wide range of beauty products such as enamels, lipsticks, shadows, tintaline, brushes and makeup kits ..... the spot by JUAN SALVARREDY, Buenos Aires, for ad agency FCB Mexico. GoSee : &

Jac Getan for HURLEY - filmed by David Ruiz

HURLEY is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, worldwide marketing and selling of surfing and swimming apparel and accessories. The company's headquarters is in Costa Mesa, California. From 2002 to 2019, Hurley was a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. In 2019 Hurley was sold to branding and licensing company Bluestar Alliance LLC. Products manufactured by Hurley include swimsuits, wetsuits, t-shirts, shorts, jackets, hoodies, pants, flip-flops, bags, and backpacks, among others.

Enjoy the film.

Voices: The Rise of Remote Voice Actors Allows for Targeting and Localization

Voices, the world's leading marketplace for remote voice-over production and services, asked its leading voice over actors about the big trends they see in the targeting of creative campaigns as more brands turn to remote casting for voice over.

“Clients of Voices are executing global campaigns with our voice over actors who deliver over 100 languages and accents. Next to hyper-localization, a noteworthy trend we’ve seen is the development of a so-called global accent,” says David Ciccarelli, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Voices. “Sessions with remote live recording technology have also become standard practice, giving creative producers access to global voice actors.“

The Global Accent

Toby Ricketts discovered his talent for flipping easily between country-specific accents when he moved from England to New Zealand at the age of 14—a time of social pressures in high school, where he quickly developed the New Zealand accent as a means to not stand out.

Today, Ricketts is internationally recognized in voice artistry and has mastered the delivery of premium...