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Keep Going New York new book

Stefan Falke focuses on the resilience of his fellow New Yorkers, on moments of normalcy under exceptional circumstances during the pandemic in 2020. These stunning and uplifting photographs of his chosen hometown show New Yorkers doing what they always do: They keep going !!

Sample pages of the bookKeep Going New York !!

59 color photographs, 62 pages, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm, available as soft cover, hard cover or PDF.

With an introduction by New York journalist Claudia Steinberg.

Preview here:

Mobile phone cases with designs by UtART - Uta Naumann

Discover the art of UtART and immerse yourself in a world full of glitter, colours and textures - as colourful and lively as life itself. Cool quotes, artwork made of watercolours and details inspired by nature - these are the beautiful motifs of UtART!

Bring the art of UtART to life with the protective covers and foils for your everyday electronic companions, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets! Not only are these sleeves fashionable, but also the protection of your beloved smartphone is a good choice with DeinDesign.

Girly, playful, fashionable and up-to-date! Just your thing? Then you will definitely find a phone sleeve that warms your heart. Have fun browsing.

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'Husavik' by Molly Sandén - directed, produced and shot by SIREN FOREVER c/o AGENTMOLLY & CO

SIREN FOREVER c/o AGENTMOLLY & CO : 'We directed, produced and shot a video for singer Molly Sandén as she performs 'Husavik', the hit song by Will Ferrell and Molly Sandén from the film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. The film was made on the Swedish island of Öland.'

SIREN FOREVER was founded in 2017 by Ryan Koopmans and Alice Wexell. We create premium photography & video content for international clients. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, we also collaborate with production companies and a network of freelancers. Ryan Koopmans is a Canadian/Dutch lens-based artist. He is a widely published advertising, automotive and documentary photographer renowned for his architecture photography. Alice Wexell is a Swedish creative director, photographer and co-founder of Siren. A graduate of creative business school Hyper Island, Alice has led projects with major brands such as IKEA, Heineken, Sony Music and Mercedes-Benz.



We are a sister duo, with focus on story telling.
We have a weak spot for dreamy, almost fairytale like landscapes that gives you a feeling of adventure.
Our sisterhood is also one of our trademarks.
We have always loved to tell stories through our pictures and bringing the viewer into our own world.
Ambassadors for Canon since 2015

MIRA & THILDA - new entry at AGENT MOLLY&CO, STOCKHOLM, news coming soon....



ILLURE management represents and manages the most interesting talents in photography.

For me as an agent, it is part of my job to make sure you have the good feeling of knowing who you are working with in your production. This is why I am starting the category “Meet the Artist” and will be asking my talents some questions. You have more ideas for questions? Please don’t be shy and shoot me a message, if there are more things that you want to find out!

First one up is Annemie Martin.


After graduating in Werner Mahler’s class at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie Berlin in 2018, I now live and work in Berlin and Konstanz while studying a Master in Photography at HAW Hamburg. In my photographic work, I focus on fashion, portrait and nature. Some of my clients are Art Aurea, Deutsche Oper, FAZ Magazin, Porsche AG, ZEIT Magazin Online and ZEIT Online. Recently, my work has been featured in Monopol magazine.


When I saw the dreamy and poetic pictures...

CAROLINE MACKINTOSH - “ The purity of your truth “

Allowing sensitivity and playfulness to find authentic sustainability in the Photography:

“ The purity of your truth “ - Ever since Caroline Mackintosh developed her own sense of being, she became interested in the human form and its juxtaposition in nature.

Today the South African photographer tells a unique story through raw emotions, allowing sensitivity and playfulness to find authentic sustainability in her imagery. Drawing inspiration from wild nature and human fearlessness, Caroline Mackintosh sees photography as an open-ended medium. As an artist she understands the human race with all its colors as being one with the natural world and portrays this encompassing connectivity with blissful dreamscapes.

In 2015 Caroline Mackintosh had her first solo show titled ''In the Murmur''. In 2016 she was voted by i-D Magazine as one of the top 10 female photographers empowering women through their images. Throughout her career she realized outstanding photo and video campaigns for Office Magazine, Pull & Bear, Zalando, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin and many other selected art...