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news ‘QUÄSE. COMES FROM QUARK.’ - the campaign for CHEESE DAIRY LOOSE photographed by Malte JÄGER c/o BOSCHtoBANRAP for TBWA

It comes from quark – For cheese dairy Loose, food & lifestyle photographer Malte JÄGER c/o BOSCHtoBANRAP shot the new Quäse spread in close cooperation with production company Cobblestone and the agency TBWA. Styling of the models was taken care of by Christel Rehm, with make-up by Ara Decker and foodstyling by Christian Lamprecht.

It comes from quark. Naturally plenty of protein and less fat – that’s what Quäse stands for, the cheese made of sour milk quark. The fitness food is with around 30 percent protein and only 0.5 percent fat the ideal source of protein for the nutrition-conscious and fans of sport. The sour milk cheese from cheese dairy Loose - sour milk cheese is among the oldest cheeses in the world – has been on TV with its own commercials since 2014. In January 2021, the round classic ‘Quäse 220 grams’ and the new product ‘Quäse with Skyr cultures’ were aired together for the first time with a new spot. The new brand message : ‘Quäse comes from quark.’ is wordplay in...

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