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THE FEMALE COMPANY together with Stefanie Giesinger, Ines Anioli & QR codes against domestic abuse – campaign by Stephie BRAUN c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP

THE FEMALE COMPANY is known for its provocative marketing campaigns aimed at destigmatizing the period. The start-up has now launched period underwear with a QR code sewn into them designed to help victims of sexual abuse. Stephie BRAUN c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographed female empowerment activist and model Stefanie Giesinger together with comedienne and podcaster Ines Anioli for it.

With the ‘Extra Protection’ product, The Female Company would like to raise awareness about domestic abuse. The QR code sewn into the period underwear leads to a website with support services for those affected by physical or mental abuse.

Aline Schmid, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at The Female Company, on the cooperation with Grey: “It was clear from the first day of the collaboration that we not only wanted to conceive a statement together but offer real help for those affected as well as information across all channels. We are even prouder that we are now shedding light on a topic that most people try not to see.”
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Atmospheric VW TAIGO production by David HAASE c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP for DDB VOLTAGE

David HAASE c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographed a thrilling and innovative spread with the VW TAIGO for DDB Represent Film. With post production by Phillip Wurzbach, he created a light and color ambiance, whisking viewers almost away to another world (art direction: Lilli Ridder, creative direction: Lars Jakschik).
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Beauty photographer Per APPELGREN c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP rings in the festival season with his spread for the client DOUGLAS. The atmospheric photos with extravagant outfits inspire dreams of festivals and the upcoming summer.
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