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news featured by Karina Asmus What is the worst? The DB CARGO Choir knows the answer... hair & makeup support at the video shoot came from KARINA ASMUS

DB Cargo has embarked on a Festival Tour 2023 and is delivering to the headliners among the festivals in a climate-friendly way, of course, with beer, merchandise, and many more festival necessities. “We thought it deserved a hymn. Sung by people who love to deliver festival beer and are extremely good at it. And we can tell you this much right now: Boy, did they deliver!” DB CARGO.

The spot for the hymn was shot by Sven Schrader, and at his side was hair & makeup expert KARINA ASMUS.

The serious background: Each year, railway transport by DB Cargo reduces the CO2 emissions in the transport sector by up to seven million tons. With around 20 percent of the overall CO2 emissions, the transport sector is the third-largest cause of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany, after the energy sector and the industry. Around one quarter of climate-damaging gas is caused by heavy-duty vehicles.

“It’s a fact that freight trains cause less emissions than heavy-duty trucks. But it is also a fact that...

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