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20 Years of ByWP – Katrin Lautenbach photographs the latest collection with models c/o BRODYBOOKINGS

The brand ByWP, founded in 2003, carries the initials of designer Wolfgang Proksch, who made a name for himself in the international optical industry in the 1980s working for brands such as Bugatti, Paul Smith, Oliver Peoples, and IC!Berlin.

The latest ByWP eyewear collection was photographed by Katrin Lautenbach with models c/o BRODYBOOKINGS, Stuttgart.

The frames from the latest collection are crafted from wafer-thin stainless steel or beta-titanium, Japanese materials refined with an ionic coating. With impertinent ease, Wolfgang Proksch masters the balancing act between industrial design, technical finesse and a clear, sophisticated look.

ByWP is a brand based in Germany which has been distributed and developed by the German company PM/D, founded in 2004. Together with distributors and agencies over the past 20 years, they have established an exclusive international sales network for the brands under trademark worldwide.

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Who is in charge? - Male model Giovanni STELLA c/o BRODYBOOKINGS with an electric charge in the spot for MERCEDES-BENZ

Easy as that – thanks to plug & play. Maximilian Rieck directed the spot for the innovative and flexible charging solution Charging System Pro for the client MBCS, aka Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions.

The executive agency was FischerAppelt, and in front of his camera was smart male model Giovanni STELLA c/o BRODYBOOKINGS.

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‘Super Boys’ - Giovanni STELLA c/o BRODYBOOKINGS in the latest print edition of APPROVED Magazine

The curly redheaded and smart Giovanni STELLA c/o BRODYBOOKINGS presents you the hip catwalk trends of the season in APPROVED Magazine. Shades of brown in a graphic look, lots of skin and, of course, plenty of black, with a dash of blue here and there to brighten things up.

The spread was photographed by Munich-based photographer Markus Wachter. Production: Oliver Rauh.

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