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About Bureau Braune

Full-Service Art Buying & Consulting & Production. Do you need a few specific components or would you like to entrust me with your entire concept? Service at your office or at Bureau Braune? As a temporary proxy/reinforcement or in the form of complete project support?
I look forward to hearing from you and will provide you with tailor-made, creative and budget-oriented solutions:

  • Evaluation of the feasibility of an idea (budget and timing)
    Recommendation and mediation of the best partners
    Finding the look and mood search – as support or independently
    Recommendations about copyrights, privacy rights and trademark rights
    Style and portfolio consulting for photographers, illustrators and representatives

Planning & Execution:
  • Creating briefings for photographers, illustrators and others – as support or independently
    Creation of rough schedules and costs
    Collection, review and negotiation of offers
    Negotiation of the usage rights
    Order preparation and assignment
    Monitoring of all pre-production phases (coordination of casting, location search, location check, styling moods, travel logistics, product shipping, and more)
    PPM preparation and participation
    Shoot management and monitoring of the entire production as a back office
    Monitoring of timing during the production
    Monitoring of costs during the production
    Clearance of copyrights, privacy rights and trademark rights - e.g. from architects, fine art, quotes, celebrities, outside products in the scene
    Research, negotiation and purchase of pictures from stock agencies and photographers
    Invoice control / accounting

  • Complete production management, incl. casting, location scouting, booking of photographers, models, styling, hair/make-up, travel logistics, product shipping, on-site support during shoot

  • Seminars for photography students - “What demands do agencies place on a photographer?”
    Workshops for juniors in agencies - “A glimpse behind the scenes” as a preparation for the first shoots: How do I create photo briefings and PPM booklets, what do I have to pay special attention to during a shoot?
    Workshops for customers - From a youngster to a superstar - which photographers stylistically fit the core of my brand?

Clients of Bureau Braune

After twenty years of art buying, I have experienced virtually all of the pitfalls of the business - as head of art buying at Springer & Jacoby just as much as independently as Bureau Braune since 2010.
Stars such as Sophia Loren and Pelé (Lufthansa), Martin Scorsese and David Bowie (Mercedes-Benz) or Nina Hagen and Udo Lindenberg (Deutsche Telekom) // animals// babies// look-alikes// CGI// special effects// rights clearance// small and large budgets// challenging schedules// or just the regular, everyday insanity:
In my experience, it isn’t enough just to book the best specialists to get excellent results - the people also have to fit together! Only if everyone involved will enhance instead of block each other, is it possible to develop a creative process with extraordinary outcome.
This takes not just a keen sense of the zeitgeist, style and trends, it especially takes a lot of close professional contacts. Over the years I was able to personally meet a number of photographers, illustrators, post-production specialists, CGI programmers, designers, stylists, set builders, make- up artists, graphic artists, art directors, copywriters, account directors, casting agents, producers (film & photo), graphic designers, calligraphers, and typographers across the globe on the job. And every day, new talented people enter my circles.
What also distinguishes good art buying is the ability to get a deep understanding of the desired look. I’m often involved in campaign developments and new business projects at an early stage to support the creative teams in finding the right look and provide them with unique image materials that will contribute to the brand. Because that’s what good images should do: Reach, enchant and convince the target group, instead of just following the “dernier cri”.
Bureau Braune considers itself to be a quality gate for the budget-oriented implementation of creative ideas. That sounds a lot like business management text, but it really arises out of a genuine passion. I put a lot of heart, confidence and objectivity into my task of finding exactly the right flavour that will satisfy the specific need.