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Dimitri Sportswear
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The fashion Label Dimitri well-known for it’s Women- and Menswear is now launching a brand new Sportswear Collection.
The Spring/Summer 2024 Sportswear Collection draws inspiration from the former Tennis Players such as Björn Borg or John McEnroe in the 70ies and combines premium fabrics with a sleek and bold design. Dimitri’s designs are created with a vision and comfort that inspires confidence and allows you to be anything you want to be, without sacrificing luxurious feel, look and attention to detail. The items are made from highest quality materials and handcrafted in Italy. Whether you’re setting foot on the tennis court or you are on your way to breathtaking mountain views, topped off with a run along the beach in style! 
The collection presents a fresh new take on not only tennis wear – with a design that bridges sports and fashion!