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news | CAESAR+CLEO now represents beauty and fashion photographer CHRISTOPH KLUTSCH, based in Frankfurt & with a suitcase in London

Offenbach not Paris, Darling. Seeing the high-end portfolio of photographer CHRISTOPH KLUTSCH, one would imagine him more at home in the fashion capital than in the metropolis on the Main river. Christoph produces fashion editorials and beauty campaigns and is now represented by CAESAR+CLEO. He just published an editorial with Jamilla Hoogenboom in VOGUE ARABIA.

The photographer describes it as follows : “This is a thirty-something photo dude who likes it provocative, self-composed, authentic, co-opted and sexy. Doesn’t like the romantic fashion circus and over-staged photography. Prefers a kind of creative treatment that slides down the rolling cascade to an illicit stylistic playground in which one blocks radical contrast in kaleidoscopical manners. Dismiss the idea of getting things done the way they always have been. Chooses the nouveau to the never. Is obsessed by dynamic outbreaks, imperfection, ferocious colors and high contrast. Is willing to bring you some stunningly...

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