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news featured by Double T Photographers TASTE APPEAL MAGAZINE with food creations and baking ideas full of élan by Calle HACKENBERG c/o DOUBLE T and meet the agency at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

TASTE APPEAL stands for outstanding recipes, culinary delight and a love of food. “We have deliberately chosen an approach that is contrary to that of established food magazines and customer magazines,” says Calle HACKENBERG c/o DOUBLE T, who serves us French meringue, swirl toast with orange jelly, and brioche with cranberries in the latest issue on the topic of ‘Élan’. Even more delicacies can be seen on the food photographer’s new website. And also at the booth of the representation DOUBLE T at UPDATE on 25 May in Berlin. So let Calle, Tina and their team spoil you – and not only with visuals.

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