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news CAROLINESEIDLER.COM asks you : Have you already booked your WORLD TRIP TO THE MOON ? Plus screaming babies for GU PUBLISHING, DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS, DFL CHILD SAFETY, UNDOK Calendar ‘23, FALSTAFF TRAVEL, Suzuki customer magazine FAMILY, WEINGARTEN HOTEL, …

Have you already booked your WORLD TRIP TO THE MOON? – That’s the title of the latest newsletter from THE AMBASSADOR OF ILLUSTRATION. An equally multifaceted and inspiring topic ! Which takes us now on a journey with Tibo EXENBERGER to TMW, aka the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology … or with Stefanie HILGARTH, Claudia MEITERT, Eva VASARI and Blagovesta BAKARDJIEVA (here for Der Pragmaticus) and many other illustrators from THE AMBASSADOR OF ILLUSTRATION, who were able to chalk up plenty of experience with illustrative travel companionship – and not only to the Moon.

Join them on a world trip to the Moon and through other equally creative and beautiful illustration topics. All you have to do is subscribe to the latest newsletter : office@carolineseidler.com

In the NEWS of the week, we bring you Irene SACKMANN with her illustrations for GU Publishing, which can be found in the guide on the topic of sensitive babies. She also illustrated for DFL on the safety of children and...

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