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Austria, Vienna
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news CAROLINESEIDLER.COM : Illustrations themed upon SUMMER HOROSCOPES, STREETCARS, INFORMATION ILLUSTRATIONS, SOCCER, plus insurer Merkur Versicherungen Group

BLAGOVESTA BAKARDJIEVA illustrated her interpretations of summer horoscopes for MAXIMA and RG Publishing, STEFANIE HILGARTH illustrated the products of insurer MERKUR VERSICHERUNG on streetcars in Graz, and CLAUDIA MEITERT on the topic of the Alps in GEO KOMPAKT magazine. THOMAS MADREITER, KATJ. WEISS, ANDREA KRIZMANICH, and CLAUDIA MEITERT illustrated for the 2021 UEFA Eurocup.

“Information illustrations give viewers emotional access to a variety of different topics. It is a popular, tried-and-trusted tool to illustrate topics in the areas of energy and technology, healthcare, business, tourism and finance. They are used in the form of timelines, maps, explainer videos, compositions and collages. On our website, you’ll find our own gallery of possible illustrations. We present you a small selection of topics, including fashion, medicine, business, science, transportation, energy, and tourism,” says Caroline Seidler.

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