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“Inquiries for illustrations are not only gathering momentum in the areas of animation and live illustration, they are also becoming more multifaceted and specific. We can now respond to them with three new talents: MOTIEJUS VAURA, known, among others, for his work for MONOCLE, VALERIE TIEFENBACHER, who has been taking Vienna by storm for some time and is now ready to expand her sphere, plus KAT J. WEISS. We have selected them from a vast amount of entries as our Young Ones.

The expanded portfolio of carolineseidler.com/ THE AMBASSADOR OF ILLUSTRATION is on display in the galleries of our website. Our core competence remains in consulting and project support with regard to the inquiries we receive.”
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Fit through the winter on a culinary journey with CAROLINESEIDLER.COM and THE AMBASSADOR OF ILLUSTRATION

“Together with our artists and clients, we would like to spend the months to come healthy, fit and full of culinary treats and plenty of news in the area of illustration.” says CAROLINE SEIDLER, CEO of The Ambassador of Illustration.

Here with artwork by BLAGOVESTA BAKARDJIEVA for Welt der Frauen, STEFANIE HILGARTH for Amnesty International, with ARTUR BODENSTEIN for Penny Markt/TBWA Vienna, JKU/Johannes Kepler Children’s University Linz, EVA VASARI for United Stages, Vienna, for the opera program of Theater an der Wien, SARAH EGBERT EIERSHOLT for Focus, KATJA SEIFERT for IDM/Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe on GoSee.

And the agency is delighted to welcome its two new talents VALERIE TIEFENBACHER and KAT J. WEISS, and congratulates them on a successful start.
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What is Covid-19 doing to us? Let’s take a closer look! Illustrations on the topic of the minute by The Ambassador of Illustration / carolineseidler.com

Illustrators Stefanie Hilgarth, Gina Müller, Claudia Meitert, Kathrin Frank, Julia Platzer, Kat J.Weiss, Josefine Warfelmann, Eva Vasari, Nicolas Aznarez, Katja Seifert, Cornelia Heinzel, and Irene Sackmann have dealt with the topic visually for economy, culture and communication and will continue to do so for quite some time. There’s more to see here: The Ambassador of Illustration / carolineseidler.com.
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