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CAROLINESEIDLER.COM : Illustrated Net amazons in the digital space, knowledge by numbers and illustrated step-by-step solutions for PRAGMATICUS (RedBullMedia) … plus, welcome aboard Daria Kuvakina

CLARA BERLINSKI c/o CAROLINESEIDLER.COM illustrated with strong & striking colors for the platform ‘Women Advise Women’ on the topic of ‘Net amazons for self-assertion and self-defense in the digital space’.

PRAGMATICUS from the company Red Bull Media presents in the columns ‘Solutions Step-by-Step’ and ‘Knowledge by Numbers’ info illustrations by Blagovesta BAKARDJIEVA and Claudia MEITERT on historical and economical topics. The two illustrators succeed in conjuring a monthly stage for a broad range of topics as a double-page eye-catcher for the magazine.

The Ambassador of Illustration / carolineseidler.com welcomes DARIA KUVAKINA from Hamburg as new talent on the team. Daria is a versatile illustrator who visualizes topics in a variety of ways with a fine line and plenty of humor. One of her strong suits besides architecture is also character development.

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The Ambassador of Illustration / carolineseidler.com : Poster show at UPDATE 23 BERLIN -- now available as portfolio

For the tenth time now, Caroline Seidler / The Ambassador of Illustration has presented the portfolios of her illustrators at UPDATE23 in Berlin. This time, as a teaser of the multifaceted styles with an unusually large-scale design on a classic palette. Amid this abundance of visual impressions, the illustrator specialist is a pleasant eye-catcher, a familiar and well-visited sight among the many other offers mainly with photos upon photos. On display as always were portfolios, animation reels and the poster palette.

There were also flyers in postcard format as goodies to take home this year. “It was wonderful seeing you all in Berlin. For those of you who couldn’t make it: Our poster show is now also available as portfolio,” says Caroline… all the more reason to look forward to UPDATE24 even more.

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‘Keep both feet on the ground or take off’ - CAROLINESEIDLER.COM presents illustrated trips to outer space on GoSee

The Ambassador of Illustration on carolineseidler.com is busy preparing a trip to outer space: visiting the Moon, staying grounded or taking off. The voyage has set course for outer space – both digital and analog.

The topic is touching, stimulating and inspiring – while providing food for thought. Whether 2D or 3D by illustrators NICOLAS AZNAREZ, KAT J. WEISS, IRENE SACKMANN, MERLE PIROLI, TIBO EXENBERGER, KATHRIN FRANK, VALERIE TIEFENBACHER, BLAGOVESTA BAKARDJIEVA, GINA MÜLLER, KATRIN FRANK, ANDREA KRIZMANICH, EVA VASARI, JOSEPHINE WARFELMANN, CLAUDIA MEITERT, THOMAS MADREITER. In exhibitions, magazines, advertising and design is where you’ll find these impressive multifaceted works. Stylistically – a safe landing!

Want to embark on a journey with the Ambassador of Illustration / carolineseidler.com? Feel free to contact the agency from Vienna.
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