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About Caspar Arnhold

Caspar Arnhold was born and raised in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. 
At the age of 20 he spread his wings and moved to London to study acting & drama under the guidance of teachers and directors such as Mariana Hill, Don Fellows, Claude Chagrin, Sir Timothy Ackroyd & Anthony Simmons. 
Although Caspar started out his career as an actor and became a well known face in German film and television in the process, he realised very quickly that he wanted to move to the other side of the lens, a place he would find far more appealing in order to tell his own stories. This isn't surprising given that he spent most of his time growing up in his father's studio absorbing the process of food and still life photography that made his reputation. It was there that Caspar developed a curiosity to experiment with cameras and different formats from an early age. 
Caspar won gold at the German Film Awards 2004 with his first short film 'Full Stop' and his follow-up 'Kinetosis' ran successfully at international film festivals, most notably it was selected for competition at the Festival de Cannes in 2008. He has gone on to assist, produce & develop feature film projects and is a member of the German Film Academy whilst his freelance commercial work includes an international clientele.
As an award-winning imagemaker Caspar continues to search for ways to explore the intimacy of natural minimalism in storytelling, beauty and fashion. He aims to take you on a personal journey of discovery, exposing the innermost truths of our nature through capturing their essence in provocative style and content.
His photographs and films are often mysterious, diverse & raw with an intriguing tension held in a delicate balance between fiction and reality. He is fascinated by the haunting sincerity of our ephemeral life, seeking otherworldly characters that seem to be stranded on earth for a moment to reveal what lies beneath the surface of appearance.

Deutsche Filmakademie / German Film Academy.
Photographers Association CÆTCH.

2004 German Film Awards, Lola in Gold, Best Short Film ‘Full Stop’
2008 Festival de Cannes, Short Film Corner, in Competion with short film ‘Kinetosis’
2012 Cresta International Advertising Award, Finalist
2014 Monochrome Photography Awards, Honorable Mention
2017 Monochrome Photography Award, Bronze & 2 Honorable Mention
2017 TIFA Tokyo International Foto Awards, Silver & Bronze
2017 One Eyeland Photography Awards, Bronze
2017 LICC London Int. Creative Competition, Honorable Mention
2018 Prix de la Photographie Paris, Honorable Mention
2018 The Black&White Spider Award, Gold & 1 Honorable Mention
2018 ND AWARDS, 3 Honorable Mention
2018 Monochrome Photography Award, 3 Honorable Mention
2019 International Color Award, 2 Nominations


Clients of Caspar Arnhold

Mercedes-Benz / Coca-Cola / Coke Zero / Panasonic / PMI / Fiat / Nippon Connection / Coco Lores / Eco Novum / Kelloggs / L&M / Nissan / Boy Fashion / Afroton / Chevrolet /  Hyundai / Stada / Lidl / IBM / WestLotto 

Cosmopolitan / Cosebelle / Dash / Eloque / GLIT / Ferocé / HUF / Institute Mag / Kalblut / Metronom / The Impression / TILTED / Vogue Italia