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featured by GoSee ART : Fotografiska Berlin - Opening on 14 September 2023 with ‘NUDE’ by 30 female artists, ‘Whiteface’ by Candice Breitz and new works by multimedia artist and performer Juliana Huxtable

After four years of development, Fotografiska Berlin – The Contemporary Museum of Photography, Art and Culture is opening its doors to the public on 14 September, 2023, during Berlin Art Week. It is located on Oranienburger Straße in Berlin Mitte in a six-floor building spanning an area of around 5.500 m².

Whiteface by Candice Breitz serves as a powerful commentary on issues of race, representation, and performative identity – it will be among the three inaugural exhibitions at Fotografiska Berlin. NUDE is an international production of Fotografiska featuring the work of 30 female-identifying artists from 20 countries whose artwork challenges traditional constructs around body politics. Also presented are unreleased works by Juliana Huxtable. The artist is known for her multidisciplinary artwork, in which she explores the topics of gender, ethnicity, identity, queerness and sexuality.

“We are proud to present the largest European solo exhibition of Juliana Huxtable, which will embody the artistic trajectory of this multifaceted artist. Starting with her essayistic approach to visual representation, the narrative is developed through the performative painting of her body and posing for the camera. Huxtable’s self-portraits become poetry chock full of references, a photograph that is painted, printed, and then constructed anew,” says Marina Paulenka, Director of Exhibitions at Fotografiska Berlin..

“Our vision for Fotografiska Berlin is to provide one of the most beautiful stages that Berlin has to offer for both established artists and up-and-coming talents, on the one hand, and the internationally acclaimed community of creatives in Berlin on the other. We have recruited a world-class team to create unique cultural experiences in a building that tells its own powerful story about the city. It is a great honor and joy for us all to add this new chapter to its rich history, and thus, to the cultural evolution of our city, together with Fotografiska Berlin,” says Yousef Hammoudah, Executive Director of Fotografiska Berlin.

“We are delighted to finally bring Fotografiska to Berlin, a city with such a rich and vibrant art scene. It’s my hometown, Europe’s creative heart and the perfect place to open the next Fotografiska Museum.” says Yoram Roth, Chairman of the Fotografiska Group of Museums.

GoSee fotografiska.com/berlin
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featured by GoSee ART : MARY ELLEN MARK - ENCOUNTERS, LAGO DI HOMO by NAVOT MILLER and IMAGE ECOLOGY - three new exhibitions at C/O BERLIN, a first impression for you on GoSee.News

Mary Ellen Mark. Encounters’ features five iconic projects created by the photographer (1940–2015) during the 1970s and 1980s, and whose subsequent publications in book form have contributed significantly to her reputation: ‘Ward 81’ collects her documentation of women in a state mental institution in Oregon over a period of weeks; ‘Falkland Road’ is a reportage on sex workers in Mumbai; ‘Mother Teresa’s Missions of Charity’ is a visual exploration both of the woman and her mission; ‘Indian Circus’ reproduces a series depicting traveling circus families, while Mark’s award-winning ‘Streetwise’ project and subsequent ‘Tiny: Streetwise Revisited’ show her ongoing commitment to telling the story of Erin Charles, who was thirteen when they first met, and known as Tiny. Mark began the project when Tiny was living on the streets and continued photographing her (and eventually her ten children) over the next thirty years.

The group exhibition ‘Image Ecology’ presents a global cross-section of twelve innovative approaches in the form of photographs, video works and installations. The artists employ experimental and traditional production methods, go back to historical processes, or even invent new technologies. Divided into four thematically overlapping chapters, the exhibition illustrates the stages of the metabolic cycle : energy, material, work and waste – ultimately coming full circle to where it all started, with energy.

C/O Berlin presents the artistic intervention ‘Lago di Homo’ from September 16, 2023 through Fall 2024 by Israeli artist Navot Miller, who lives in Berlin. The mural, commissioned exclusively for the Café C/O Berlin x Barkin’Kitchen, was on display for the first time at the opening of the new exhibition program at 8pm on 15 September, 2023, at C/O Berlin in Amerika Haus, Hardenbergstraße 22–24, 10623 Berlin.

C/O Berlin Foundation . Amerika Haus . Hardenbergstraße 22–24 . 10623 Berlin . co-berlin.org
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featured by GoSee ART : 10 Years of POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2023, from 14 to 17 September 2023 at Tempelhof Airport Hangar 5-6

Berlin loves art. On 14 September, Fotografiska Berlin opens its doors. Taking place from 13 to 17 September is Berlin Art Week. And from 14 to 17 September is the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair.

The 10th POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair. … in 2023 once again in partnership with Berlin Art Week, during which the art fair is being held : “The tenth POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair is in its very special way a meeting place for creatives and everyone interested in art – a place to find inspiration, exchange ideas, meet new people and perhaps buy that special piece of art. You can look forward to an incredible international lineup and a unique blend of established artist positions and emerging young talent.”

To mark the 30th anniversary of the partnership between Berlin and Mexico City, a focus will be on selected Mexican galleries.

The special edition Academy POSITIONS will once again grant insight into the working methods of a young generation of artists. Young positions, fresh out of art school, are given the opportunity in this section to present their work and be discovered.

The curated area Selected POSITIONS will particularly offer aspiring collectors a foot in the door of the art market – with works of art that are 50 x 50 cm max. in size and cost less than € 1900.

Plus, the format FASHION POSITIONS spotlights the intersection of fashion and art. Selected fashion designers from Berlin have a direct exchange here with art and can present their work in the booths just like them.

Opening Hours
Friday, 15 September 2023 12 – 2pm, VIP hours, 2 - 8pm regular opening times
Saturday, 16 September 2023 11 - 7pm regular opening times
Sunday, 17 September 2023 11 - 6 pm regular opening times

Regular admission is 20 euros, 10 euros reduced. Kids under 18 are free of charge.
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