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news featured by BEN & MARTIN BEN AND MARTIN A.K.A. BAM photograph the new eSUV campaign for HYUNDAI & INNOCEAN BERLIN in the architecture capital Rotterdam

For their new eSUV campaign, Hyundai & Innocean Berlin commissioned Cologne-based photographer & director duo Ben And Martin, a.k.a. BAM. With creatives Igor Karpalov & Christoph Stender for Innocean Berlin, it was off to Dutch architecture capital Rotterdam.

With this team, BAM realized the complete package with everything from campaigns to SoMe or even catalogue motifs for Hyundai. The result is an authentic – fresh & sunny mix of transportation and people from downtown Rotterdam.

Production was in the hands of GoSee member Claas Crop Creative Productions and Hotel Rebel. Styling came from Natalie Schneider, with post under the direction of POP. & BAM Studio.

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